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I hope that they put them on other websites for purchase. I don't much care for Apple/iTunes. Also, if anyone is interested, My Little Pony: Songs of Ponyville (the second official MLP album) is now available on Amazon! Here's Hoping that the Equestria Girls soundtracks follow suit.

I want a high quality version of Helping Twilight Win The Crown and Time To Come Together.

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I went to see it, and I've got to say.

For someone who enjoyed the first movie, I could recognize that it had it's flaws. The first film was funny, but the character of Sunset Shimmer was really underdeveloped, and her grand plan was pretty silly and underwhelming as a whole. However, the sequel was better in literally every single way.

The story was a great mix of Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer struggling to deal with the expectations placed upon their respective reputations, and there were many moments that were surprisingly heartfelt as a result. The moment of redemption for both characters was beautiful.

The music was surprisingly varied, and most of it thankfully set to events happening and story unfolding to avoid the "song for the sake of a song" problem, and because the movie's central event is a battle of the bands, it almost always occurs as an actual performance rather than a simple background theme (see "Strange New World" and "This Is Our Big Night" from the first film for examples).

It's plenty humorous, with of course plenty of shouts to the fandom (Fans of Lyra/Bon-Bon will enjoy one scene in particular, and the ever popular Vinyl Scratch plays a more important role than one would assume). Derpy makes a hilarious appearance, raising an absurd comment made from earlier in the film to more more, more absurd-er heights.

Fans of the first film will love it, no question. Even folks who thought the original Equestria Girls was terrible, or avoided it on principle, would be well advised to give this one a chance. It has everything fans love about the series proper. Great writing, characters, music, humor, animation, only this time, it's not as openly concerned with introducing a universe and toys to sell - the crew at Hasbro/DHX used the framework set by it's predecessor to simply bring us a great film.

I brought someone with me who had never watched the show before, and though some plot elements and references were lost or fuzzy on him (he still laughed at most of them though - Maud Pie's scene stealer in particular), he was impressed by how much he enjoyed it.

Can't wait for this to come out on Blu-Ray Disc, and I daresay I may go see it again during it's theatrical run. I really, really liked it!

My one main flaw, as a personal note, is that Scootaloo is once again devoid of spoken dialogue.

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Now I need to go buy a USB record player to rip these songs to my computer. Or an actual record player to listen to the darn thing.

I've been clamoring for a physical release for the music for a while (digital is fine, I guess, but I love actually having the CD case and artwork and a feeling of ownership), but this was not quite what I had in mind.

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Here's another one!

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My living space is small, but it's as comfortable as I could ask for. I have Christmas lights hanging up along the walls, MLP Posters, blankets, pillows and stuffed animals galore.

I think it's kind of fitting that I love such a warm safe place, and am surrounded by this warmth, yet I struggle with so many dark thoughts.

What do you make of that?

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I already feel great, and now I'm on cloud nine.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you! That feedback means the world to me!!

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I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope it wasn't predictable or boring thus far.

Did the emotion come through well? Two peoplewho read it aactually admitted to tearing up at two different places. As a fledgling writer, that is the highest praise I could possibly receive. That means that my goal to immerse readers enough to care about the characters and scenarios was completed.

Wonderful feeling, truly it is.

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It's been a good day.

I am currently hopped up on painkillers, which helps my mood immensely, but other than that.

I'm laying in my beautiful fluffy bed, with no less than six fleece pony blankets.I am wearing Rainbow Dash footie pajamas, and clutching a wonderful Fluttershy beanie. Whenever I actually log on to Skype, I will show you guys my sanctuary.

I submitted my story "The Play's The Thing"to Equestria Daily, and I am really happy with it. I hope the pre-readers recommend it!

I feel super comfortable and relaxed, a far cry from lastwweekend. I hope everyone else is having a good evening.

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I was going to come here, posting insight that one of my best friends gave me when I explained my existential crisis that brought me to this group and into the loving arms of the people here including Cronus and Gorem. Now,I find out that there's some rift created that's pushing them away?

Please guys, don't go Take a break, clear your mind,but don't leave me yet. My leg and sense of being are healed largely in part because of wisdom imparted by you two. I hope you will be able to forgive whatever misgivings that may have arisen and forgive each other for whatever was said.

Here's that wisdom anyways, when I presented my friend with the query - "if I died today, what would I be remembered for?"

"You would be remembered as the only childhood friend I managed to hold on to. The only one who would put up with my shit this long. And someone I feel I'll always have there to talk to. You would be remembered as a son and a brother who had a very close relationship to his immediate family. You would be remembered as a nephew, and a friend to a lot of people. And I'm pretty sure -other friend- would be torn up pretty bad. As well as each of your high school friends you spent a lot of time with. Your mother would be destroyed. Its been quite clear to me she is very proud of you. I don't know what you have in your head that you want to be remembered as...but it's all context. Robin Williams just died and sure millions remember him here in the states. But I guarantee Russia doesn't give a shit. As for your rage, that's just called losing control, that's exactly how I feel when it happens, and you need to stop assuming that you're so different because your not. You're just really hard on yourself because you make too many assumptions about other's lives..

It's not how the world will remember you Taylor. Its how your friends and family will remember you. So spend the short time you have here making memories with the people that make you smile."

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I honestly thought the first chapter was a bit slow, and I worried that the prospect of a late school assignment wouldn't be enough to drive people to want to continue. I guess there's some formatting issues and small grammatical nigglings that caused it to be rejected, but I think the story on the whole is quite readable.