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Happy New Tone Day!

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You certainly could never have beaten him in life, so I understand why you're feeling so relieved. Don't. The fight against you and your kind will carry on apace.

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Yep. Stick your neck out for the Muslims and they'll be glad to put the sword to it.

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If she's still looking for a venue in "Occupied Palestine," I hear there's an open mic night coming up at the Rachel Corrie Memorial and House of Pancakes.

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Will they go out of their way to show good, upstanding Christians? Because you kind of have to do that if you are really just targeting the bad apples and not trying to attack the entire faith. It hasn't aired, so I can't answer that, but Hollywood's track record when exposing hypocritical Christians doesn't lead one to believe there will be any attempt at balance or to say, "These are the exceptions that makes it hard for everybody."

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Plus, they had an informed discussion of the comic book Chew. Usually, when something genre is on a show, they get it totally wrong (like when a kid would be playing a video game in, say, 1998, and it would have the Atari Pac-Man sounds). But, they knew what they were talking about in regards to Chew (even though they were wrong in their opinions!). Chew's writer is a far lefty, but he can write.

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I won't lose a friend by heeding God's call
For what is a friend who wants you to fall?
Others find pleasure in things I despise
I like the Christian life

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I think there's some random error or something. I typed up two completely innocent posts last week, and they were not even given the "comment must be approved" warning. They appeared on my screen as posted, but when I went to edit them, it said they were in moderation. And, with a reload, they were completely gone.

As for the Oscars, no interest. Some years, when I'm really cranky, I get mad if I even hear the winners the next day. But, I do hope whoever played that illegal alien loses, as he has "promised" he will use his speech to call for amnesty (he calls it "immigration reform"). This from a guy who hails from and still lives in Mexico. Stay the hell out of our business, actor.

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Be careful, Beau. If your fellow travelers see you using the term "child," they're going to make you get your mind right. It's a blastocyst!

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Why, why must conservatives always be portrayed as uptight

As Stevie Wonder said, "Baby, everything is alright. Uptight, out of sight."

(the Stevie reference does make the eye doctor reference a little AWKKKKward)