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Threatening Statement: The only thing worse than a meatbag is one which attempts to impersonate me. I highly suggest you never do such again.

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Observation: At least that garbage for "Meatbag Week" is finally gone.

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Angry Threat: Another impostor? I demand you cease mocking my speech conditionals at once, or I will dismantle you like I did with the HK-50 line of knockoffs.

And, "FLESH Android unit"? You take pride in looking like an organic meatbag?

Internet Meme: Son, I am disappoint.

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Observation: It may be in due part to the fact that you currently reside in an urban area. How you aquried an exotic animal and transported it into an apartment, is beyond me.

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Statement: A "robot?" How insulting. I am an assassination droid, and as such my primary function is to kill organic meatbags such as yourself.

And I have no knowledge of this game you speak of.

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Confused Query: This is strange, what were we just discussing?

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Statement: So it a Game where one attempts to forget that the game exists, and there is no reason to lose other than sadomasochism.

Statement: While this "game" might be impossible to meatbags like you, as a droid, I simply can and will delete all knowledge of it from my memory core.

Victorious Statement: And done!!

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Query: What is this "game" that you speak of, and how could one enjoy losing?

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Objection: I disagree. There is no way that any mere meatbag would be able to contain such amounts of power, much less utilize it. And even as far as most of your "religions" go, this "Church of Falcon" and "Cult of Wolf" have so little basis it is truly absurd.

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Observation: The fact that only organic meatbags would conceive such genetically deformed creatures is certain evidence of the superiority of droids.