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I disagree with Miller’s “anti-ethnostate” position. I see a White ethnostate as absolutely necessary. I see the multiracial, multicultural, and diversity experiment as a total failure. The rights of White individuals to live in peace and harmony and the pursuit of their happiness is constitutionally correct.

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There is no freedom of speech in Europe. Just try to even ask questions about the so-called Holocaust and you'll be arrested. Try to raise your arm the wrong way or even have your dog raise its paw the wrong way and you'll be arrested. So, those who now whine that the Muslims are against free speech and the lefty Europeans are for free speech are either too stupid to know what free speech really means or are brainwashed.

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Bertram should get different eye glasses and wear a different shirt and tie. It’s time for an image update.

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Whenever a hater of Whites verbally attacks Whites, we need to point out his or her religious or other bias so they can’t hide and pretend they’re one of us. Schumer is a Jewish dual citizen. He is not Caucasian. He is Semitic. He is not one of us. He is a White hater and a scumbag. Spit when you hear his name.

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I, for one, don't want a less White America. I want a far Whiter America. Diversity is not our greatest strength. It is our greatest weakness.

In California, the state legislature has just started a Jewish Caucus, to join the Black Caucus, the Latino Caucus, the Asian Caucus. There is no White Caucus. Why not? Who represents White interests and values?

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Yup. Sometimes it makes sense to wear our views on our sleeves and sometimes it doesn't.

We need to rid ourselves of our traditional “moral” stance that we must declare who and what we are to everyone. Making such declarations is not our goal, but seem to think it is. Our goal is to win power and to start changing society to our ways. Yes, the end does justify the means in this case.

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Nice column. I almost didn't read it because the headline made it sound boring, but after I saw it mentioned over at http://www.anu.org/ with a more compelling headline, I did read it and was pleased.

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Yes, certainly, those among us who think they can raise the money to run for Congress should do so. But, at the same time, we should be seeking seats that we have a better chance of winning: shcool boards, city councils, water districts and the like. These are good training grounds to then move higher.

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We are born White, we live White, we die White. Why try to deny who and what we are by nature? We need to get back in touch with our essential genetic selves and stop running from our true identity.

If you're White and you're trying to deny it or minimize it, I suggest that this is similar to the mind set of those who commit suicide.

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It's a crime against humanity to force a distinct people into conditions that can harm them (to paraphrase the Convention on Genocide). This is what is going on with this forcing diversity on White people. The goal is to blend away White people by having every White family have non-Whites in the family. No more pure Whites is what they want.*

*No, don't give me that stuff about there being no pure races. It's just silly, because of course there are no pure forms of any life, as the word "pure" is often defined, since we all came from that first molecule of DNA. But, I maintain that there are pure Whites. Whites who have no non-Whites in their family trees for many, many generations.