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In what was supposed to be the privacy of his own home. And considering that should be ignored.

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It's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard.

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I was expecting more "special" Considering this is Drawfiend #69

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When I first read the title of the song, I thought it would be a pony version of Blink 182's "The Party Song".

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Tis a sad day when a great artist such as DBPony gets corrupted by mic the microphone. Seriously, nothing is worst than a "youtube famous" music artists thinking they can charge for music.

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Well he stole artwork from the Japanese artist "Oze", and when called out on it first said he was an apprentice of Oze. Then after that lie crumbled, said that he was good friends with him. Then after that lie was discovered, he stopped using Oze as his artwork source and used other artists. In his "newer" stuff, it's almost exactly like Atryl does. The reason is he traces their artwork and claims it as his.

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I'm not forgiving him. His track record over the years has proven him to be a habitual liar. I have the same bad habit, I've been known to lie a lot on things just to give me an advantage over other people. And after being caught, would "apologize." I know he doesn't mean it, if he did mean it, he would have told the truth and apologized immediately. Instead he kept creating a more and more grandiose tale about how he is a freelance animator (like seriously, wtf is that, you're either an animator for a company or you're not.) to he does animations and had a small part with DHX, to this. And what pisses me off more is some of the people here. "I forgive you, now write a letter to celestia about what you learned." See, that stuff right there is what makes me hate the community, he lied to us and tarnished the reputation of the Brony community in the eyes of DHX and Hasbro. Fuck forgiveness and fuck kindness because this guy deserves none.

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All I can say is if they did that, there better be a My Life as a Teenage Robot reference somewhere.

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So ChuckyBB is lying again to try and worm his way out of this. Wow.