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I have a hard time with the term "Mommy Blogger." I'm not sure I am one. Yes, I'm a mom. Yes, I blog. Yes, my blog is called Lemonade Mama. But I don't really blog about motherhood. For one thing, I have one kid, and he's 11. Pretty durned independent at this point. And most of the cool, neat, free stuff that bloggers get is for... babies. Or girls. Tween boys are kinda left out of the cool giveaway stuff...

My blog is about my life. So yeah, that includes the kid, but... he's not all of my life. In fact, he's only home about 50% of the time. Sometimes left. So I've got a whole crapload of other stuff to write about. Like cleaning my house. And going green. And trying to lose weight. And cats. And... well, my life. So it's really hard to put myself into any sort of niche when it comes to my main personal blog.

But I think the criticism must come in when people are purporting to have bought things on their own for review. When they aren't disclosing that they got it for free. Because knowing someone got something for free *does* change our perspective on their review. Maybe not a lot, but it does make a difference.

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It's funny what comes up! Some of it makes sense. Wii Fit picking up Fat Girl Gets Fit makes sense, because I talk about it quite a bit over there. But some of the other stuff is just so funny!

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LOL Most people when they think of rice cakes think dry and boring, and with plain ones, yeah, that's definitely kinda true LOL But this is a great way to dress them up, without adding too many calories! I used a low-fat shredded cheese, and turkey pepperoni for a snack that was around 100 calories. The rice cake gave it a very satisfying crunch :)

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Yay! Let me know which bag is yours, and I'll vote for it! I still need to head up to Kroger to use my coupon for a free bag :)

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For as much as my city has issues, the Farmers' Market here is amazing. People come from quite far away to rent booths, and to peruse the goods. Most of the produce is from local farmers, which is GREAT. There are two vendors, a local produce vendor and a local meat vendor, that have paired up to offer bundles that are just incredible. I'm buying one next week:

2 lbs. ground chuck
1 lb. lean bacon
1 lb. breakfast sausage
1 lb. meatloaf mix
1 lb. Koegel hot dogs (the best you can get!)
1 lb. tomatoes
3 navel oranges
3 tangerines
1 head of cabbage
3 lbs. cooking onions
3 lb bag of potatoes
3 bananas

All for $29.99.

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I've found a ton of recipes for spaghetti squash, including one that uses cinnamon and brown sugar to make a sweet treat!

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I think Bush and crowd killed it for a LOT of conservatives. My grandparents were die-hard Republicans until he came along.

I'm not a Democrat either. I think the big two political parties are essentially the same in way too many ways. The differences are so few, and so non-essential. And they use things that really, ultimately, are not that important to the economic health of this nation to fight against each other that it's silly.

I identified as Libertarian for a long time, but in many ways, I've seen the Libertarians leaning more conservative than I was comfortable with, so now I don't really affiliate with any parties. I look at each candidate individually, and consider who I think will do the best job.

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My [ex] Husband has that service at his house, and pays well over $100 a month for it. If I felt the need to have TV, I'd probably get a bundle like that, but I get my phone with unlimited local and long distance, plus DSL internet which tends to be faster than cable internet in my area for $66 a month after taxes and fees!

I still haven't even gotten my free digital converter boxes, even though I've got the coupon/cards for two of them! LOL

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I think it's the Kroger widget being very naughty. I've been fighting with it since I put it up!

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Hmm, I should probably add contact info to the site, huh? LOL