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That's very cool - Maeystown is such a cute little town. I'm a Georgia girl, but Keith's whole family is from that area. We were married in Maeystown, then had our reception at his uncle's nursery near Burksville. :)

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They were very slick to begin with so I went over them with a very fine grit sand paper to rough them up a bit. Then I primed them with chalk before writing on them. Hope this helps!

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Thank you! The sconces are from Target - I don't think they're online, but I believe they're still in stores (at least mine).

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I am so sorry about this - I posted to instagram, and included the link in my profile there. Didn't think about it posting to the blog. Aaack! Shirts are available here:
Thank you!

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The rug is from here:
They always, always have either a coupon code or a sale going, so don't pay full price!

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Megan, The wall color is gray owl by Benjamin Moore, and the curtains were sewn by me with a bolt of fabric I found at a yard sale. The rug is from

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Thank you! I love your stencils, I may have to take you up on that once I figure out what I want to do in this room!

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SLF - I am so very sorry. I know from watching others with children with special needs that it is exhausting and so very difficult. My life is so, so blessed in so many ways. My goal was not to complain, but to be real about the sinfulness of my own heart and how I do become discontent and whiny when I look to anyone or anything but God for joy. I've fallen into that trap quite a bit this summer, and am praying that God will set my heart straight. I try to walk the line here between showing the beauty in my life and also addressing the not-so-pretty parts in hopes of encouraging others. My goal was not to air my complaints, but to show how desperately sinful I am and in need of God's grace.

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They are the ivory. I would have liked white, but the ivory is fine, too, though it looked awful (greenish yellow tinge) with the beige walls that we had in here before. The blue/gray color makes the sofa color work now, though.

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Thank you so much, this is such a compliment coming from you! I love your blog - everything you touch is gorgeous.