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ohhhhhhhh that poor CA writer. Man, I feel* you. I have Asperger's and trying to figure out flirting was just AWFUL. It's like learning a language phonetically, only by lip reading. Luckily I was coming at it from the female side, so there was less pressure to initiate things, but understanding someone else's body language is really, really hard for some people. I ended up reading a book that helped me understand how to parse things that come naturally to basically everyone. I'm still terrible at flirting, but at least I know WHY I'm terrible at it.

*I don't ACTUALLY feel you. Or touch you. Or make eye contact.

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Is this where I talk about my fond memories of the Subaru Samba?

When I was living in Ithaca there was an annual festival (uh, called the Ithaca Festival) that happened every year after the students left for the summer. It's probably still happening, IDK. And there was a parade. Because of course there was a parade. The float lineup changed very little from year to year - there was always a chainsaw "band" (that played along to Chain of Fools), I think some belly dancers?, and the Volvo Ballet.

So for years Volvos were the most common car in Ithaca, I guess? So a bunch of Volvo owners would get together and do formation driving to, like, Swan Lake or whatever. It was strangely beautiful.

But THEN, one of the local reporters (Ithaca Journal woooo!) actually checked the stats at the DMV, and found out Subarus had overtaken the Volvos as #1 Ithaca Car. The answer, of course: Subaru Samba. Basically the same dealie except, you know, a samba.

Sigh. I miss Ithaca sometimes.

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I'm just kind of numb in that way that means the real grief is coming later when I'm not expecting it. It probably doesn't help that I'm not out in real life, so most of the things I've seen in my social media circles is very... othering. And of course this is just reinforcing my fear about coming out at all. I'd been working myself up to it when all the bathroom laws passed, so I backed away. And now... sigh. I just don't know. I'm scared. Yet staying in the closet is starting to feel like a lie that won't let me breathe.

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Pretty sure we're all bozos on this bus.

- this reference brought to you by Firesign Theater, the love of which was instilled in me by my dad

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I am right there with you. Every time I see my word count on Ao3 I'm stuck between pride and cringing horror. As much as this essay spoke to me, I'm also glad to see I'm not alone in just slamming away at fic for the sheer joy of it, and not using it as a stepping stone to something "more".

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Even now I can sing both theme songs.

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Frank's hot sauce. And hot dogs, if I have 'em.

If I'm trying to act like an adult (i.e. if there are people around) I add frozen veggies to the pasta water at the last minute, and garlic powder to the cheese powder instead.

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Same, aside from the humming part.

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Another non-binary here and wow, just... thank you for writing this. I can't tell you how incredibly helpful it is to read stories from other trans and non-binary people. Also, I loved the graphs. Huge sucker for distribution graphs, always.