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No thanks. Itasha is barely tolerated in Japan, and here you're just asking to be run off the road.

And please...if you can afford a car, you can do much better than ruining any semblance of style your jalopy has than throwing these rehashed (for the thousandth time) vectors on it.

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Oh god. Please, please make it stop.

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Seconded. Want see.

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War. War has changed.

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This would not take long at ALL to make into a sourcemod...

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Now I'm dying to go for a full financial analysis and see what Hasbro's risk from this buyout would be. Alas, my job beckons long before I can postulate again...

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How to Train Your Foxponi. In select theaters this Spring!

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From what I can tell, Hasbro's total equity (shares outstanding) currently put the value of the company around $7.2 billion (126 million shares, valued at $57.47 this morning). They're contemplating buying DreamWorks at a super-high $35 per share (77.4 million shares, currently valued at $22.37), thus making this a $2.7 billion purchase. For a company with such a small market cap like Hasbro, this is a huge buyout.

Both companies are strong in one market and lacking in another. This could be a neat collaboration that rounds both of them out, as it would of course would give each company direct access to the other's IPs. We'll see what the future holds!

Also sorry for going all BusinessWeek on a pony blog. Just can't help it... >_>

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