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I wonder how many of these non-kissers considered kissing more intimate than sex before they were married. It's just the usual redefinition of terms after the fact, not unlike vanillas redefining sex as sacred once they're locked into marriage. Kissing is by no means as intimate as the countless non-sexual interactions you have with your spouse throughout your life. I say, let kissing be to sex as small talk is to a great conversation.

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As someone in mad love with nicotine and has been flirting with quitting ever since I started ten years ago, I concur with The Coop: "don’t be afraid to say something." If you ask a smoker to smoke less s/he will not resist, especially if sex is at stake. Smokers, being drug addicts, will light up at the slightest rise of emotion, be it risk, nervousness, excitement, or countless others. Anyone interested inthe subject should Google Allen Carr. Just be safe about it, God only knows where he's been. (He's dead, btw.)