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I think Fred's referring specifically to the last linky line - Where it talks about Jinkx coming out as non-gendereed - and has likely said please use "They/them".... I dunno.

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wait wait wait wait.... is that quote entirely accurately??

A villainous CRYSTAL GEM? spoilers that she eventually gets swept up and thrown onto the good side? or its not accurate and they royally slipped up with Crystal instead of Homeworld

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wow... Why does everyone think "oh it must be a pair of legs, solo-ship, flying through space"
Literally no Megazord ever, had parts that didn't transform.

Even Voltron's parts change shape, drawing up tails, shifting necks and legs, etc
Almost, if not every, power ranger zoid also has a solo-form and a combining form.

Arms Make more sense in being both solo and combining form, as there's plenty of instances where a mech will launch their fist/arm for a rocket punch or something. - this just takes the rocket punch to be the literal flying means.

But It makes more sense for the pair of legs to likely fold in together and form more of a drill-head/needle point when flying.
Hell. Even Peridot's Ship "transformed" - from idle outward, to flicking, to fist, to fingergun, to slanted platform, etc. (and also still had the merge door) (Plot Twist, It's creative animating so that they can sell USB and USB slots (i.e, drive and a slot to stick an extension/etc/drive into)

Either just means Pink's Ship lands spread-eagle or... I dunno, lost its power and thus lost its form momentarily before hitting the ground.
I kinda expect the building that was ruined there is actually related to the ship too, but, it does look awfully, not, related. - but yea I mean, white, blue and yellow diamonds (or not, and they were optical illusions), etc - Rose crested key. - - It just seems like... It'd make sense since if they all combined it'd look sorta.. meshed?

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Together Breakfast?

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well of course we could see Rose On a motorcycle, "She" was on a motorcycle /in that episode/

They withheld so much about her and she's practically the same height and about the same beefiness, pfft. I still can't imagine she's going to turn out anything less than super specific special.

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Lion has a voice actor...? My reality is shattering.....

Holy hell... Lion has a voice actor... and damn... that voice actor.. has gone to a lot of places.

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She's hella useful on Earth, Especially right now with "fake news"

She'd be #1 if she became a news anchor, Perfect news, on the minute, wherever. What's that, Rioting downtown, As its happening, PPS be broadcasting it.
Oh what, Someone said the rioting was actually terrorist related - Bullscrap PPS says it started when someone started a fight in a bar, and escalated from there.
She's so taken with these visions and the need to tell them, there's no time for lying or whatever, and she doesn't even have to have the expenditures and bias of reporter/coverage - she does it all by herself, perfectly.

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But anyway. I think only /this/ Aquamarine (maybe other era 2 ones also) act quite to this extent - And that's because of what Steven (and I) said - That she's afraid that she is weak.

The reason she immediately resorted to manipulating Topaz/threatening her, and appeared extremely relieved and then was willing to "forget" the ordeal even happened. - was that very same reason - She was afraid, and she was right in being so.. look how easily she was almost removed from existence.

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My Assumption is they act similar but not all to the extent of the one we saw.
I'm guessing even though the diamonds went for "the best" they still short-changed earth for risk prevention. That they Used an Era-2 Aquamarine (though they may all still be super small)
The wand just imitates the power of a normal aquamarine, maybe even technically does it better than a normal could, for "cheaper" (resources)

But All Aquamarines are probably still top of the crust which is likely why Pearl reacted like she did, maybe she's never really seen one either, which would give reasoning to why she wasn't taken back by anything Aquamarine did, looked, or said.

And this Aquamarine likely /is/ terrified of the possibility that she's weak because unlike a normal aquamarine, her "power" is that wand, which isn't her power, she's weak normally, but powerless with the wand and it isn't hard to knock it from her hands since she's weak - if you can reach her in the first place, where as a "weaker" era 1 Aquamarine can't be disarmed, probably.

Similar to Peridot. She was shocked to be without her limb enhancers too, and thought she was nothing without them and her screens, and then Amethyst hurled her tablet to sea and Peridot found she still had power - Yeah her Limb Enhancers could give her flight, stasis, extreme ease moving things around, and a gun, heck, could even discharge and feedback electricity towards a targeted direction. Certainly "strong" - But she was revealed to not be powerless without them.

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Should've told Deedee that "Pearl Points" have become a meme too - Heck - Should tell her She did a Meme with Thomas Sanders too about the Pearl Points thing - like.. that's the very essence of the Pearl Point Meme

things done - pearl point

Bird Mom is a Meme too, all the mom Nicknames are, especially when people remix the voice over for Bird Mom to bird noises