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This whole 'no deal' is pile of sh*te. What's being described as no deal is what I (and I guess many others) is more or less what we thought would happen when we left. This whole soft and hard brexit is garbage made up by remainers and their henchpeople in the civil service and government. To prevent brexit in any meaningful form taking place. This creature is a perfect example of the problem. If the referendum had gone the other way could you see them pining for a second crack? Me neither.

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Regrettably I think you're spot on - particularly with the last paragraph!

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I've no idea what to make of the whole debacle. I'm no great conspiracy theorist, but the way May's deal was done behind the Brexit Department's back, the content and the way it was foisted on the cabinet is a huge part of the problem. When you take a step back you can only draw one of two conclusions - either May is a completely moronic effing idiot (apologies to completely moronic effing idiots) or it's a conspiracy and she's an EU 'plant'. I'm not sure which option is most troubling!

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Sooner the better. She's a complete and utter clown.

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Well I've read a lot more sense in the replies than in the article!
I'll maybe need to self-identify as a teenage girl or an Extinction Rebellion activist so the MPs will listen to my thoughts and views. it seems casting a vote doesn't do the trick, but skipping school or gluing yourself to roads gives plenty of scope for a seat at the top table.

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She is a complete disaster aided and abetted by a bunch of sycophantic disaster facilitators. She just needs to be gotten rid of by some means. If that's by voting for anyone but the Conservatives in the council elections and euro-elections to make a point so be it. If the rules need changed to challenge her again so be it. Personally I favour having her sectioned. If there are some medical folk on the site today, could someone confirm if she'd qualify for a 'treatment order' under Section 3 of the mental health act? If her behaviour since Chequers can't be described as a danger to herself and others I don't know what could be.

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It's not sound though, it's nonsense.

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Wasn't sure myself, but if you screw up your eyes it looks a bit like a cross between Oliver Letwin and Mrs Thatcher.

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What utter sh*te! If the Conservatives don't win back the support of their main body of membership it's curtains anyway. How betraying them even further on the off-chance that they might pick up a larger slice of the 'youth vote' would solve anything beats me. As others have said presumably it would have to be 'best of 3' of the same referendum for the things to count?

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I hear what's being said about pro and anti Brexit votes leaving the main parties to a greater or lesser degree, but surely the fact that the vast majority of MP's all of hues have shown that they can't be trusted as far as you can spit is bound to have a bearing. At the moment it's a bit like being asked to pick between being shot, stabbed or beaten with a stick. Reluctantly you'd pick the beating, but you'd really liked to have had a pint instead. If someone turns up with a beer offering they're home and dry.