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I'm just glad to see a once-thought-to-be-dead part of the fandom is back for more action. :/ While I definitely prefer UFP over FiW, I will give this a watch for sure in a bit. Especially if it means more Sweetie Bot in the future!

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Wow, what a fifth birthday! The CMC no longer need to crusade, a reference to AJ's parents, Diamond Tiara's redemption, and even more Pipsqueak, holy helix! The songs were amazing as well! This is easily my new favorite episode of the season!

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Decent episode. Loved the references and moral, but Coco was underutilized, I feel. At the very least, we got more Applejack/Rarity interactions, which is always a plus. A solid 7/10.

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A pretty good episode, if a bit predictable. It was nice to see the Canterlot Boutique was not a one-off setting, and the noir scenes were hilarious. And the credits music was a nice change, too. Overall another solid episode, ranking a 7.5/10, losing points due to the "saw it coming from a mile away" plot.

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Oh man, what an ending before the hiatus! It was even more enjoyable than the 100th episode, it was that good! Sure, the ending was a bit rushed, but everything else was glorious! 9.5/10 easily!

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...I think I may have found my new favorite song of season 5! I'll Fly might be dethroned.

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"All right, another long hiatus!" -maybe 6 people in the fandom.

This is truly getting ridiculous.

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Leaving for vacation in a couple hours, making this the third episode in a row I'm missing live. Thanks you for existing, Youtube!

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Quite an enjoyable episode! Pinkie was great, the other ponies were great, the yaks were funny, it all adds up to another great episode! My favorite part was when Celestia overheard the close call with war.

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Second episode I'm missing live in a row. Last week, it was me getting a Father's Day gift, this week it going to my younger brother's graduation. Oh well, Youtube has never failed me, and seeing my bro moving on in life is waaaay more important than seeing pastel ponies prance around on screen. Have fun today!