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Strowman should leave WWE and go to the UFC.

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Braun Strowman busts his ass in 2017-2018, works with Lesnar and creates a worthy fued with him and is rewarded a tag title shot which he'll lose. WWE is unreal.

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CM Punk is still a draw, that's the only reason the UFC would even consider putting him on a card at the point. CM Punk trains with Duke Rufus, that's legitimate, he's training with the right people. Punk just needs to start with the minor league mma promotions and fight there against guys who are on his skill level. If he can get 5 or 10 fights under his belt there and actually compete and grow as a fighter then I'd say he'd be ready for the UFC or Bellator. Right now Punk can train his ass off but without actual fight experience he'll always get tuned up.

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Punk trains with Duke Rufus, that as legit of a trainer you can get in mma. Punk just needs to fight on cards that are runned by unknown mma promotions so he can fight guys who are on his skill level, that's how he'll get better. The fighters in the UFC and Bellator are way ahead of CM Punk in terms of mma skill and experience. The only reason Lesnar did so well in the UFC is because he was an NCAA D1 Champion in amateur wrestling and he's an athletic freak, Punk is neither of those.

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Congrats to Mark Henry, glad to hear he's going into the WWE HOF. The strength that man has is incredible, Triple H has called him a freak of nature in regards to how strong he is.

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If WWE is smart they will have Lesnar defend the Universal Title against Strowman at Wrestlemania, with Strowman winning the title. Strowman busted his ass in 2017, he deserves his moment. Brock Lesnar has done an awesome job as Universal Champion as well, his reign has been great.

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Really? Why does Miz always have to win the I.C. Title? This ridiculous now, give somebody else a chance to shine with it.

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Undertaker is a class act all the way. His career and legacy are second to none. Can't believe his time is coming to a close in WWE, still feels like yesterday when he showed up at Survivor Series with Brother Love and dominated for the Million Dollar Man's team. Youngsters in the business, take a good look at Taker and learn from that man, be the kind of person he was in the ring and in the locker room.

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No Mick Foley, Undertaker or The Rock?

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Vince is on the gear, he probably gets it from Reigns.