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You go Emma! I'm proud of her too for sticking up for her cousins. She wasn't being mean she was defending someone from someone bigger than they were. I hope Madison is able to do the same when she gets older. Right now she's a little bully with her bigger brothers. :)
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For some reason lately my dreams have been turning into nightmares where I'm scared to even go to sleep. I probably sleep like 2-4hrs a night because I get up ever so often so I don't have to dream. The realistic ones, or the ones that you know can happen are the worst. That's some great goals you have and all attainable. You definitely gotta go to Disney. :D
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I would so love to try that Ginger Spice. They look delicious. I love anything with ginger in it so I'm hoping they taste as good as they sound.

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My daughter is vegetarian who loves making her own stuff. I'm going to have to share this recipe with her. We all love banana bread in my house as well so this should be fun making. Thanks for the recipe.

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I never would think that that would be tasty. I'm not a big spinach fan but I've been hearing that its really great in smoothies. I might just have to try it one day if I get up the courage.
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My daughter is a senior is high school and is currently dress hunting. I like the A-Line/Princess One-Shoulder Floor-Length Chiffon Holiday Dress With Ruffle Sash Beading but not sure if she would like it. We have different taste in fashion. :)

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I'm just like you. Songs tend to bring me out of a funky mood. I usually just put on some Bob Marley and they always calm me down. I love that Alicia Keys and Kenny and the Scots song as well.

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Homemade shampoo and conditioner? I've never thought about doing this before. I do use olive oil in my hair though as a hot oil treatment and it does help my hair. I might try this and see if it helps my very dry hair.

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Awww this is too cute! I don't think I have any pics of Madison like this but she has fallen asleep when we go out shopping a few times and usually in the car. :)

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I love the fall season but we don't do any decorations. We used to before but just for Halloween. This year we've decided not to do anything. Your outdoor space looks lovely btw.
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