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Got my copy of "The Art of Equestria" in the mail today. IT'S PURRRRRRTY (frikkin' Amazon loose-packaging scuffed it slightly, tho)

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Faust's plans also included using the Elements of Harmony to solve every problem that couldn't be kicked or argued back into place. BRILLIANT!!!2!

Lauren Faust was the beginning of, and an essential part of, a wonderful team effort. But the sun does not shine out of her ass and she'd be first to tell you that. These self-mutilation-grade fan dramatics are the most pointless nonsense.

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"But the lesson sounds too much like from 'Stare Master'. I hope it won't be a imitation of it. The synopsis doesn't sound interesting to me."

Perhaps you're thinking of a different episode, since the only thing these two seem to have in common so far is "biting off more than she/they can chew" which applies to episodes ranging from "Applebuck Season" to "Party Pooped." Either way, a single-sentence synopsis hardly gives anypony enough information to start concern-trolling over.

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Oh, hey, the Cutie Map's back in action! It's been used a LOT less than I anticipated; they probably didn't want to blow all their world-building options too quickly.

Downside: Oh, hey...Manehattan...again. Is there any more exciting place to visit in a fantasy world full of unicorns and pegasi than "New York City only less filthy"?

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...Gosh, now I'm actually interested!

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Applejack secretly becomes a guerrilla artist named "Flanksy"


a closing shot of a changeling army flying towards Ponyville

I'm glad they had the drone at the wedding in Slice of Life instead of that (although I couldn't tell you which of the Changeling-drone-stuck-in-Equestria fan works it's a tip of the hat to).

Everyone expected that show to take off, but it was cancelled after one season

Well, that's more because of the infamous sociopathic meddling at CN than anything else. ...Right, Young Justice fans? You know alllll about that crap.

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I like reactions. I guess I've watched about ten different reactions to "Slice of Life" and most of them are wonderful. Last night it was Subzero's reaction; he quickly gave up and for the most part just watched the episode in stunned semi-silence. It was great.

"Bronies React" isn't reaction. It's acting, but not the sort that wins anything. I've come to loathe the group reactions because the more insecure participants have to troll for attention constantly, like so:

"Guys! I've guessed how the plot will play out! I've matched wits with a show geared for young audiences and WON! Stop watching at pay attention to ME! DRAGONBALL REFERENCE NINE THOUSAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD!!!1!!BWARRRRRRR!!!!"

"Does it bug you when I put my feet next to your head, hurr hurr hurr? Does it bug you when I fake an asthma attack during the songs, hurr hurr hurr? ...Please notice me?"

"Ach, vot did Twilight say vile I vas askink you vot Rainbow Dash said? Ach! What did Rarity say vile I vas askink you vot Twilight said? ...Anyvays! I vas telling you about dot time I vas missink the entire episode because I vouldn't shtop talkink and pay attention... Ach! Vot did Fluttershy just say?"

...and this is no different. I clicked on this because I mistook it for Reactions Are Magic, which at least edits--or at least used to edit--all the wild-eyed HEYYY GUYS WOOOO WHOOP WHOOP YEEEEE I FOUND A TWO-FRAME ANIMATION ERROR BRUHHHH crap down to a minimum, or to the funnier acting-up. I swear some of these clowns should just follow their bliss and shriek and grimace and fart into the camera for twelve solid minutes then post it online.

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Polls are for foals (and trolls who deserve to be raked over coals). Tree Hugger is undeniably, unquestionably, ululatingly awesome.