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You would rather see Biden smiling as he prepares for the next regime change war backed by his neocon supporters or watch his son's latest foray into amateur porn. No, I think I'll stay home rather than support this corrupt system.

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Unfortunately permitting these traitors to come to the US will only increase their political clout within mainstream politics. Every four years both parties pander to the so-called refugees from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc. who in no way represent the majorities in their native countries.

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I agree with the need for revolution but I'm afraid a Biden win will only result in the opposite happening. A new Trump like candidate will appear on the scene in 2024 and easily win. One has to remember that it was because of the policies of Obama that Trump won the election. Biden will simply be a return to the policies of Obama which resulted in no progress for the nation. I suspect when our grandchildren study history he will be remembered for the color of his skin and little else. While I will vote for neither it is abundantly clear that Trump is far and away the better antiwar candidate. At least he speaks with his adversaries and for that reason alone he is an infinitely better choice than Biden.

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Just having to listen to her bitchy, whiny voice is reason enough to not want her to be president.

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Logic simply makes no sense with respect to the pandemic in China and I'm hoping that someone can make sense of it. Wuhan locked down at the end of January but not before the first cases were reported in the US and Europe. Thus infected people would have to had traveled within China - international direct flights from Wuhan were limited compared to those from the largest cities in China like Beijing and Shanghai. Yet those cities never experienced large outbreaks and clearly testing would not have been widespread early in the pandemic.
Italy begins to lockdown but unlike Wuhan grocery stores and other 'esential' services remain open. Other countries follow suit and cases drop quickly but not to zero. Theses countries after several months begin to reopen and almost immediately cases again spike and the propagation continues where it left off prior to the first lockdown. Fatalities are fewer but many of the most vulnerable have already died. Daily new cases in Europe are now higher than in North America yet the MSM in America only reports a surge in Europe without making the comparison. Now the West considers another lockdown, paying zero attention to the fact that the first round accomplished very little apart from delaying the inevitable.
China celebrates its Autumn festival and 600 million Chinese travel throughout China with zero social distancing.
What am I missing?

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I'm not saying Trump is perfect but he has yet to militarily engage in a new country. I did not support the killing of the Iranian general but this pales in comparison to the actions Obama/Biden took throughout the middle east and libya.

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FYI - I do not even vote as I view it as pointless.

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Define decent. His list of predominate endorsees sure doesnt include any. And his choice of scum for a VP doesn't help either.

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I cringe at the thought of a Biden victory. How anyone can call Trump a neonazi (unless all you watch is MSM) is beyond me. He is the first president since Carter to not start a war and at least he has spoken with Kim and negotiated with the Taliban. Biden will neither. Hell, he might even surge Afghanistan.

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Zero substance and Trump did not even mention Biden's war record. What a fool!