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Romney has been suckered into dialog regarding social issues and defending his reputation rather than attacking Obbama on the facts of budget, deficit, spending and debt - it seems to have improved since Ryan came on board, so let's hope they carry the economy message forward ?

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Folks who know more about our negotiations with Iraq than you and I tell me the straw that broke the camels back was Obama insisted on continuing "immunity from prosecution" for all troops and all offenses and the Iraqi government and people said NO !!! - that's it, bottom line

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Hello Bertha Mae and what you say is absolutely correct - we must be on guard with just about every one of these people in Washington DC as they are almost all corrupted by their power and lies

Get involed in your community and start at the grassroots level to elect only candidates who pledge to stop the UN Agenda 21 and sustainable development network and talk to your neighbors and friend about what you see here - give them this link and also give them and ask them to join us in making real changes instead of the big money changes

bless you


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that is pretty much my take on it too Tina - "I don't want to talk about it so you must be a trouble maker" - thanks for joining up and look forward to your input


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yes, he was an unsustainable intrusion into a sustainable habitat and must be neutralized

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wonder why they didn't tell Obama and Holder ? guess we need more Government Employees so we can get it right then ? - where did I put my shotgun ?

thanks Pixie - excellent insight

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don't I recall a $100 Billion becomming $37 Billion but really being $168 Million when the 3 stooges got together a couple of month back ? So, Boehner, how do you like being Obama's bitch ? .......

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Eugene is home to Oregon University and looks as if their communist manifesto has spilled over to the township ?

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didn't we smell this same rat when Boehner negotiated the $100 Billion spending cuts from the FY11 Budget ?

did I say $100 Billion, excuse me, meant to say $13.48 and a tip of the hat to Speaker Boehner -

Dear "R"s,

get rid of Boehner now and avoid the rush later - this guy was born to be a loser and carry Obama's water

have you NO self respect JohnBoy ?

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if it ain't broke, don't fix it

look what happened when we "improved" with the 17th Amendment