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it's awesome to see your custom bike -- i'd love to see pix of it finished (if they are posted i have missed 'em thus far).

i relate to the nicer bike than car see:

(2010 yeti 575 custom build in a 1982 ford bronco) :)

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Awesome - love what foodzie is doing - maybe i'll throw my hat in :) //g

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too bad it's ror instead of php. :( Good luck finding people though plenty of ror people out there. //g

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They are all very different and to me display different goals as far as branding. The one I hate is: 58. That's just no good. I'd say keep your current logo if you had to pick between current and 58. As for 44 and 67, 44 is basically what you have now except the flame is on the first i. I just don't feel this logo is good for conveying your purpose.

As far as 67, this is the one I like most out of the 3 you list above. Don't know if I like your name in that serif font or if I just am not used to it. I like that it has a tag line and the iconic image is a heart, but it really doesn't say group dating since it's really just says to me 2 people - however the tag line is there so maybe it's ok.

I still think the solidest idea/logo that really can get your point across is 27. It has your tag line/slogan/whatever, the iconic image makes me think more than one person and it's just overall a very nice logo.

Good Luck - picking a logo that you have to live with for a while as your really build up your company can be difficult. :) //g

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I really am not a fan of any of them but one:
I like that a lot because the icon drives home the idea and can be used on its own and even with the text it looks great (bottom left). //g

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Great to see so many talented people working on such a great company (imo). //g

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looks like a lot of fun. when my mom ran a restaurant i used to love to chat and learn things with the chefs she employed. i'm sure it ended up being delicious. :) //g

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I agree it all has to start somewhere.. and the actual part of "start" is sometimes the hardest part. (if that makes any sense) //g

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Congratulations SocialThing! I was at that new tech meetup group when you presented and thought you guys would go far - glad to see that my gut feelings were correct. :) Good Luck with the integration with AOL and continuing developing your product. :D Cheers! //g

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It's definitely sad to see these types of patents get issued then even worse that companies have to fight such bs and waste everyone's time and money.

What do you feel is the solution? A reform of how patents are issued or? I'm curious to read what solution you feel is best. //g