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What a patronizing article. Seven million republicans abstained from voting in the last presidential race because they understood what Mr. Bolton has just figured out. The TEA party was born out of this same understanding that guys like McCain or Perry are nothing but liberal progressive interventionists. The working American people are in the process of purging these progressives out of the republican party, the democratic party however has been completely co opted by the progressive movement and it's agenda of a world government.

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I think the stereotype of the gutless self hating liberal wimp easily swayed by hollywood and boob tube propaganda rings true also. Including the cognitive dissonance one must ignore to use the incompatible terms anarcho and socialist as a user name.A choice example of double think ,similar to ignorance is wisdom.

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I guess pointless rambling is indicative of the liberal mind. Nothing substantive to offer the liberal has no problem blurting out senseless diatribe. No conviction, no sense of right or wrong,unable to express themselves intellectually to the point that just putting words in print is a monumental accomplishment. Being a brain dead liberal is a reward in itself. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

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The infamous ignorance of the loony left who assuredly believe if a lie is repeated enough times it becomes truth.
Ayn Rand was not a communist but a jewish refuge living in Stalins communist reign of terror. I might think many who were sought after and persecuted because of their religious heritage as a child might want to purge themselves of all religious fanatics

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Libtards show their true colors, yellow! I guess that would make them Pee Bagger's.

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It's sickening how liberals support genocide on the black community then throw out the race card every chance they get But liberals are noted for aborting their own babies also. Their own stupidity may make them extinct.

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Are you using a threatening tone with me sir? This is typical, I grew up in Chicago and am well aware of the unions use of strong arm tactics ! Also the use of revisionist history is a deceptive tactic used by union thugs. America was not founded on wealth redistribution but on rugged individualism, this is what made this country great and as the influence of Marxist indoctrination increases the worse this country performs as a whole and is demonstrated by California's socialist agenda in bringing down this state, the domino effect can be seen in other states like Illinois whose unemployment rises as wealth redistribution and taxing and regulatory tactics increase. You can threaten lie and steal from others but you can't hide the destructive effects of socialism.

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Funny thing I have never seen or heard a Republican or any conservative ever make race an issue ,yet its really all the dumbocrats talk about, every discussion with a dumbo ends when the dumbo is out of legitimate replies on any of the issues you morons always pull out the race card. Who cares, it's not gonna get Ocommie back in office even though the word is out that the race card will be Obambies focus in the up comin election People realize it's just more divisive bs.
Obama and Michelle have set back the black community decades with their divisive tactics,they are the joke of the country.

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I think anne is one of those obese union protesters in the video, with their grade school union mantras "What you want ? More stuff, when do you want it ?Now!" Repeat ad nauseum! lol!

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The race card is dead Obot, you liberal commies have over played this card that its means nothing anymore,white guilt is fading fast , you have disempowered it by overplaying it ad nauseum.