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Question - I suddenly noticed that you've got season 1 & 2 of The Pretender in the shop, but there are no written reviews and no mention of them in your schedule - will you write/post written reviews and/or finish this show at some point?

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So - what about The 100, season 4?
Season 5 is confirmed and will be airing spring 2018 - are you waiting for that, or will you open up season 4 for commissions before that? :)

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Hmmm, this actually reminded me of some of the thoughts I originally had after I had digested this episode - for a long time.

Carter is Reese's Messiah. She saved him, she was his salvation; she's faced doubt and hardship, but she's remained true to herself, a compassionate and ethical human through it all.
Reese is Judas - he's cursed, he fails those nearest and dearest to him, and when he places a (in my eyes platonic) kiss on Carter, it is her Judas kiss; she's marked, and she dies - as the Messiah is hounded and killed in his (her) own time.

If the story about Caviezel making up the kiss on the spot is true, I can't help but wonder if any of that went through his mind, as he's both very religious and has played Jesus on-screen before...

Atheist me is very intrigued by this.
Still pissed, though. >:(

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I agree about the kiss - at first, it really threw me, but then I kind of saw it as an unintentional Judas kiss; Caviziel kisses Carter in friendship, and she's doomed.
(It's terrible in that it reduces her role to "Reese doesn't get to have anything nice", but it also paints her as his Messiah - and the Savior must die.)

Even more twisted when you remember that Caviziel has actually played Jesus Christ on-screen before...
P.S. I'm an atheist, just sayin'. ;)

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About Gilina's "childish" preoccupation with feelings and boys at a crucial time:
The way I see it, most of the Peacekeepers are very much out of touch with their emotions, at least anything resembling softer ones. So it kind of makes sense that some of them will handle them in a very childish/immature/inexperienced fashion, like a young child/teenager experiencing them for the first time.
Also, although Gilina is totally badass, she IS a techie, not a soldier, which could make her less "mission focused".
But yes, I agree that I was disappointed that they fridged her, even though I was rooting for Aeryin + John rather than Gilina + John. (And I don't mind a poly triangle, but I just didn't see the chemistry there.)

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1. This is Hannibal - did we SEE the bodies? No, we didn't. Nothing is certain.

2. There was actually an alternate ending filmed, va juvpu gurl xvff (ab fhogrkg!) orsber Jvyy gbffrf gurz bss gur pyvss.

3. The part of me which was ruined by years and years of Disney and romantic comedies in which the "hero" stalks the woman of his dreams into submission and it's all labeled "romantic", finds this incredibly "romantic" - given that the potential for such darkness was always there within Will, and Hannibal was doomed to remain forever alone, never understood.
Hannibal "the lone wolf" has finally found/created his equal.
That last fight, where they take down the Dragon - to me, Will and Hannibal look/feel/work like a wolfpack (of two) - they hamstring their prey, they work in perfect harmony, and they drag down the lion with teamwork. They look and feel like equals. The scene is beautiful, and their animalistic, feral expressions only driv the point home.

4. I always felt so sorry for Alana, Margot and the kid - I don't think there is anywhere that their money can protect them (given that we don't SEE Will and Hannibal die). Best chance? Drop off the face of the Earth, settle down under false identities in total obscurity in some small community.

5. Bedelia's table is set for three. I love that. She's waiting for the murder husbands to come to dinner...

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Teen Wolf!
Seriously - a show about teenagers, and werewolves (hardly spoilery given the title) featuring a solid dose of horror amidst the humour, meaning it's got at least three things I don't like - and yet I LOVE IT.
This says it all, I think. Bonus for openly gay characters being treated as normal.

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I've been waiting for Mark to get to this episode forever. I downloaded it as soon as it was up.
Because this has to be one of my favourite Leverage episodes ever.
The scene in the park, where Eliot has to 'fess up to the team.
When he looks Nate in the eye and owns up.
And even more - when Parker asks, and he doesn't refuse to answer, he doesn't evade or obfuscate - he shows how much he trusts and respects her, by saying that if she really needs to know, he WILL tell her.
But please, for both their sakes, let it go.
And she understands and accepts.
This is one of the defining moments between Eliot and Parker for me - they've come so very, very far from the beginning of the series, when he was all "There's something wrong with her!" to this show of openness and mutual trust and respect.

And yes, Eliot gives me ALL the feels in this episode, and I just want to take him home and feed him cookies and play with his hair.
Is that wrong of me?

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Pybfher? Abg ba guvf fubj, zngr.

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The confrontation between Jesse and John is pretty much my favourite scene from the entire series.
While we've seen glimpses of who John Connor will eventually become before, this is the first time I really see him shoulder responsibility and authority coupled with a certain wry pragmatism that makes me both impressed and depressed at the same time.
This is a man I would follow.