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In Universities, criminology, most of psychology, eduction and parts of sociology all use IQ test results as legitimate data. IQ tests consist of five different sets of questions; the straightforward, the red herring, misdirection, convoluted grammar, and a twist puzzle. The straightforward questions usually comprise the 60points, misdirection and red herrings add another 20-30 points, the convoluted grammar 30 or so points, and the twist puzzle(you have to infer the actual question) maybe another 50.

People with standard grammar, usually push up from 110, however, people who do not trust written material do better again. What is being tested is class background and cynical attitude. Most people not comfortable readers who speak various non-0standard forms of English tend to believe that all questions are fair, and therefore any difficulty is their own fault and go no further. they tend to appear at the 80-100 area. People more unsure of themselves, who believe they are dumb and are unacquainted with such test or just fearful of them do worse. Using IQ tests is just dumb, and thinking despite the matra can be improved through education, mind you it has to be decent education which is now rare.

University here teach International politics (Western politics, NATO perspectives, and use the ideology that has justified aggressive wars as if these were the actual reasons). Region Political courses (Asian Politics etc) tend to follow th NED handbook of friends and foes. Security course (no such subject), is recruitment of mercenaries and here often the teachers are laced with ASIO members (our CIA), then of course History has not faired all that well. What is missing is any real counter to this slop feast, the voices of the oppressed do not figure, the literature of designated 'enemies' is not studied, critical material is loyal opposition lite, or not listed or referred to. Plus all the courses are dumbed down.

So if you want to know what fascist higher education looks like, barring a little diversity, Australian universities are good examples.

Sorry I did not make myself clearer. When wars of aggression are placed as legitimate political responses, and the criminals, and different so-called 'races' have similar IQ scores, and nobody questions any of it openly --- well the problem simply isn't a bunch of yobs pretending to Nazis.

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I agree with what you have said, the agenda is pretty open about -- old fashion liberalist "western democracy" and alignment, but with a reformed "west" a wistful position on the fringe of the mainstream, but that is why he is wroth reading and analyzing, he is the last flicker of political respectability the rest are glove puppets.

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goneagain, in general what you are saying is true, but banks are just the means of finance capital, not how it works or how it links to imperialism as a stage of history.

Think of it this way, banks become integrated with industry in about the 1850s-1860. That money capital is facilitated by the banks but actually owned by consortium who make large scale industrial enterprises by buying small parts of heavy industry; the mines, the furnaces, the casting and forging, the toolmaking, the large steam machines etc. which for the most part are sold to manufacturers, transport and government projects (Naval and armaments).

Later they start buying manufacturer, transport itself even retail, this is what happened in the 1870s-1890s. IN 1880 they got a a new way of doing things, immense wealth in Gold was idol and they came up with a way of making it active by never leaving the vaults. This ios the beginning of imperialism and finance capital. In 1880 Argentiana approached the Bank of England for a national loan to build railways and posts --- it was refused.

Several of the big consortium saw an opportunity and not only did Britain make the loan they did so at a very reasonable rate. Banks acted the middle man, the money never actually went out of Britain. The loan condition was that the consortiums would do everything, the trains the rails the bridge building etc and also provide the expertise etc. And one other thing the land on which it ran, and the design, where it would actually go, and finally who would be sold the raw materials and transport it.

That is finance capital, not the lending of development funds (that is why the state was involved to deal with defaulters), but the export of internal relations of the home capital (hence the need for more and more managers of every aspect of this thing).

Now the corporations have to registered where-ever they are so they always look international, same with the banking side. But they also need a very strong state under their control to enforce what is really a protection racket. For a while it was Britain and then after WWI it was the US (Britain was owned), after WWII Britain just became another proxy.

The USSR by supporting national liberation, protected itself and by default became the main bulwark against the US becoming Ultraimperialsit (world dominant without serious rivals of any kind). But then it did, moping up and destroying everything that stood in its way --- except China, which became the essential nation. The rest unfolds Imperial America is falling, and there will be a multipolar end to this mess.

Except that US imperialism only knows how to kill.

(sorry for the rant).

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The link to Mark Bray is certainly worth a read, that is why she put it into her article. Johnstone is not afraid of what she is criticizing, she does not want anyone to take her word for it so she point to the most articulate opponent.

Why did you not just come out ands say you were an Antifa supporter? I am a lifelong orthodox Marxist, I was trained by the people who fought fascism in the 1920s and 1930s, I have been studying the history and theory of it most of my adult life.

From the The NIMPE Critique of Antifa by Amitai Ben-Abba
"Johnstone’s assertion that the analogy between contemporary fascism and that of the 1930s is decontextualized and “obstructs recognition of the monstrous tyranny of today,” in itself collapses as her thesis is built on examples from a contemporary European context that bears little resemblance with resistance to fascism in the US."

Well he got everything right but the last line. If as Amitai Ben-Abba is right about the racist nature of US fascism (apparently an exclusive franchise), why attack those of the street when nearly every University in the US and Australia (*where I am") teaches racism via IQ tests (which are utter nonesenes) and most actively teach imperialist security as courses? I don't quite get why only the Trump supporters get the treatment while the more insidiousness and powerful but liberal coated version get off scot-free, isn't that just a faction fight between left and right fscism or is Hilary's actual mass murders of 'Brown skinned people, or Madison Allbright's equation that half a million dead Iraq children was a good deal.

So just what makes the killers of Somalian, Iraq, Afgan and Libya men, women and children alright despite all the victims being non-European --- is it just because they were PC enough not to be racist about it?

Maybe you should get the ' propaganda alert', Dianne Johnston has been a consistent voice, she did not jump out of the woodwork about Antifa.

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There was 'social fascism' an early critique back in the 1930s (it was bowdlerized soon afterwards by Stalin), but it point out how liberal and soft-labour aligned with cooperate powers against the people. There was of course 1984 were Orwell argued the same thing in novel form. There is of course Tony Blair, neo-liberal but hardly right-wing or racist.

The problem with the traditional left-write it really only applies to conservatives and liberal opposition as both support the 'system' as their common ground.

We have not got 'total war against people' today/ what was Hilary and Obama doing as liberal reformers?

'Fascists believe' does not really cover all forms of fascism, re try reading management texts, or post moderdernism, they all have roots in actual fascism. Fordissm for example. The liberal support for eugenics, IQ testing and all the quasi-sciences.

If all things could be known by their appearance we would know everything. The point is to analyze what is below the surface and escapes attention.

The comic version of fascism does not even come close to the reality of corporatism which was after all the original definition of Fascism by no less a figure than Mussolini. You are right on one thing; fascism is a product, and supporter, of Imperialism

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There you are wrong, let me be cl;are I am not a liberal, but he is a classical old school liberal, he has constantly been on the outer rim of the MSM, he is a distal member of the establishment and anything but a echo chamber, and yes he has been systematically wrong on Syria, in fact the whole Middle East.

However, he always reading because of the above, he is not a lying toady, as 99.9% of the MSM, he is not ignorant of history or cultures, he is aligned with the last "western" traditional liberals in Lebanon, the decedents of the French educated elites (as much as I can make out), who desire a Western 'democracy' which is but like reserving a cabin for the Tiotanic's return voyage.

This makes him the best amongst them, the most reasonable, and therefore the best to formate counter arguments as I tried to do above. Good journalism and Fisk despite everything is a good reporter is meat to the stomach, as bad journalism is spew upon the gutter. Don't judge it by agreement, but by its quality.

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Dianna Johnstone is one of my favorite writers, clear humane and committed to truth. Her article "Antifa in Theory and Practice" is well worth tracking down, I got a copy of Bray's terrible tract based on that.

Not surprisingly I like this article as well. This is what I would add. Fascism is not a doctrine but a way of seeing the world, a perspective, that is why ideologically it can be left, right, atheistic, clerical, racist, not-racists, etc; it is plastic and without form except, it is always about power, its relationship to 'truth' is always relativist, its doctrines sloganistic and without substance (hence impossible to to analyze), and lastly if you look very carefully at it it pars left popular sentiments with right repressiveness; the difference in doctrine always appears as a particular recipe a matter of emphasis.

Fascism is the world view of the managerial class their daily lives consist of power plays, they do not connect to the people they manage so they reflect the dissent under currents of us plebs as a shadow-puppets pretending to be left or right, liberal or authoritarian --- it is how they manufacturer policy that appears to reflect our interests when it does no such thing. Fascism is popularism professionalized in managerial-ism.

The managers who are managers and those that aspire to be them, to be the supermen, the new Middle-Class are descended historically from overseers and technicians, communications was once their reason for being (now called 'decision making'), but that role is now also technologically redundant as we moved from the telephone to the Internet, from the hand circulated memo, to the mass distributions of emails.

Antifa, is not a political movement, it is not left-wing, it is dying class hiring itself out organizationally displaying its ability to apply power. This it has in common with the black-shirts of Italy, and the brown-shirts of Germany, but also seen in officer-0clerical subclass in Spain and Croatia, etc, except that was when managerial-ism was on the rise.

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Fisk's point of view is always worth listening to, his knowledge and writing ability are excellent, but he is an old fashion liberal at heart (the better sort) who reduces the themes of history to simple oppositions.

Peace in the Middle East and Chinese economic and infrastructure investment is the critical change, that will topple monarchs and dictators and the rest, but not into a liberal democracy, but a social democracy. Putin has orchestrated peace making way for a new post-imperial revolution, it will be and has been a multi-polar solution.

Israel will be drawn away from its fascist leadership, as the Palestinian people start to share in benefits that the US will not be able to match for their allied state. The Palestinian people are amongst the best educated population in the Middle East aside from Iran, they gained this not because they have good public education, but because they are desperate and have sent thousands of their children to the best Universities they can find.

There is potential in the Middle East that the dance of death US-Saudi-Turkey-Isreal-Britian-France cluster f*** now fatally diseased but had previously held down any good passing to the people of the Middle East.

Robert Fisk cannot see this, because his liberal loyal opposition has accepted the imperial order as in need of drastic reform, but as a permanent feature. With that monster he focuses on promoting liberal democracy as the yardstick of achievement without having noticed its neo-liberal death.

SO when Fisk write read him carefully, he is honest in his insights as he is in his mistakes, He the better half of with a horrible spouse, and should not be seen as the same. In the old world Putin would in victory be out on a limb, unable to economically fill the gap ---- Fisk is right in this until you change focus to China's role, those two lovers will have many children, unlike the disease ridden old orgy (the old US order).

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Free speech is a right, shout whatever you like from where-ever you like in any public space.

Participation in a debate is not an open space, but an ordered one, it has parameters that make it possible to function as a debate and without which there IS NO DEBATE, there is just shouting. Burying an good reply under a heap of stupid remarks is the same as to shout 'shut-up'.

Tom publishes articles the article sets the first parameter of debate --- not the author, but their work. Add to what has been said, criticize it, from any angle pertinent to the content of the article is debate --- otherwise it is just shouting.

Free speech like opinions should not be regulated, this is not about free speech or opinion, it is about reasoned and useful debate. Any idiot can muster an opinion on any subject within seconds, and without knowing anything much about it --- I do this everybody does it ---- having an opinion does not mean it has weight, importance, or worth.

Debate, discussion and ideas are a deep cutting intellectual weapon in the arsenal of humankind. This is where free speech matters and nothing should be allowed to impeded it. By the way this was the 'free speech' that was defended, that people could come together and discuss what they collectively wanted to discuss without state interference.

There is no slippery slope, right from the beginning it has always been a fought-for right to speak freely together on topics that a group wants debated. Those that disrupt, and destroy this, that interfere with this purpose as their 'contributions' need to be shown the door. The topic is set by Tom's selection of articles. The article is the topic, if you want to discuss something completely different then go to where it is being discussed do not stop the rest of us who desire debate to debate.

Please think through what you actually mean by free speech before arguing that in attempting to protect it Tom is destroying it. The times are not kind to children, we all need to grow up as fast as we can.

Tom, I would go as far as deleting all comments that are off-topic to the article published. Tangents should be allowed so long as they are anchored within an aspect of what has been said in article.

I would also set a task of nominating a forum where people could go from ICH to discuss matters that do not fit, so that forum and its administrators deal with the excess debate. I am not suggesting ICH set up a forum, just that it advisors where one can be found where people who read ICH might congregate. <div style="display:block;margin:6px 0 0"><a class="a2a_dd" href="">

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I posted this to the site the "Saker of the Vineyard" just before I came here.

Saker/Tom glad for the policy change.

It poisons debate to have such stupidities intrude into nearly every subject and to what purpose? It is deflection, and it also taints forums of any kind, it actually makes it hard to discuss real world problems such as Israel and the Palestine.

I am in principle a popular frontist, that is I will unite with anyone who fights the common foe which today is corporatist imperialism ---- there is not one ethnic or religious group on the planet that does not suffer from their deprivations and threats of war --- in that we are all defacto united, whoever we may feel about one or another.

So this sort of overt attack on a group ethno-religious group is unacceptable; it works for the 1%; it does not work for our side. On that practical issue discipline needs to be applied and they need to go.

Every place where we need to discuss what is happening in this world geo-politically, where people need to be frank, honest and as clear as they can, where minds need to be subtle, probing and open to new ideas --- this dead hand of prejudice and stupidity intrudes.

No doubt this stupidity is promulgated by 'true believers' who get their jollies expressing it, they are not paid or agents --- however that does not stop them behaving as agents, as if they were paid to do so, for that is their effect and ultimately that is why they cannot be tolerated.

Respect for all the ethno-religious groups on earth is not a requirement of opinion, but is requirement of political engagement. Believe what you will, but behave with respect that every ethno-religious group are our brothers in suffering and everyone our allies is this great war against oppression and appropriation.