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Right on James, this is absolutely insulting as a fellow PA resident. I live in Lancaster County and we are pretty conservative on the whole, but unfortunately our political representation in this state seems to run in conjunction with the much more liberal Philadelphia.

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I felt the same way Princess.

Greenya -

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I read an interesting blurb in the USA Today. Rhode Island State Treasurer Frank Caprio has announced that his office will use Tweeter to post the states daily cash flow. A daily post will show all money coming in - and what money is being paid out of the states general fund in an effort to increase the state government's transperancy.

This particular action may not be front page news, nor a revolutionary idea, but I must commend Mr. Caprio for his efforts to make his office and state government in general more accessable to the very people who's tax money allows that office to operate. I would like to see our Federal Gov. take similar steps that might actually help repair the large distrust that many of us feel when looking at our governments both on state and federal levels. Kudos Mr. Caprio.

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Where did you get the authority to speak for an entire generation. I am 27 yeras old and DO NOT support a socialist government. My political values are not much different from my father and grandfathers and that fact makes me proud. The values instilled by my family are the same values that have been under assualt since I was in gradeschool and I am quite proud of the fact that through 4 years of high school and 3 years of college that I managed not to be influenced by the lazy and unjustified sense of entitlement that has perpitrated much of our generation.

I have a sinking feeling that you probably haven't experienced much occupational and financial success thus far in your life. I am only 3 years deep in my career and I barely make a fraction of the salary of my father (who is not rich or wealthy) makes, but that reality makes me work harder and is the catalyst for my future personal achievement. My father, nor any other successful American owes me a cent, and neither does my government.

Elliot, instead of waiting for a handout, try putting your hands to work and make something of yourself.

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Wolf, you pose an interesting question. I would have to assume that Jesus would take a quiet leadership role during this mess. Jesus taught by example, but depended heavily on his followers and like minded brothers and sisters to spread his message. The largest driving force in the creation of this great nation was freedom of religion and I fully believe Christ would endorse our movement.