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A comment to bump this one again. Listen closely to this thread-we must act & we must act peacefully by using our votes & our collective voices. IF we can win as Indies, let's do it. If we can't we must influence the Repub's & force them to dump the Moderate crap & be Fiscal Conservatives with a hard line. I hate the Dems & Reps but reality is they have the $$. If we prove that Indies can win we will take away some of that money & then we all have a chance. We must win in 2010 in 2 ways-get the > 2 term incumbents out & get someone with a brain & no Progressive agenda in. We must contact our local & State Indie orgs & get them in the race to beat the Dem/Reps. Listen, learn, & most importantly ACT this time-no more sitting on the sidelines.

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Hi Sandy-a couple comments. I agree that the 2 party farce we have corrupts the process & offers limited or no choices. We must push for campaign finance reforms to force the playing field to be even so Indies can run & have a chance of winning. It is 100% about $$ and getting viable candidates to run. The Indie vote is > 35% of the total last I saw w/ Dem & Rep about 35% each. The only issue with this approach is that by reg Indie we cannot influence their primaries. Another viable strategy for getting the old out is to reg Dem & vote out their incumbent in their own primary. We need to decide which way to go-can we win as Indie's in 2010 or do we have to play the game to get the incumbents out?

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See Tom2012's post - good call :-)

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Good call Tom - those of you who are receiving a refund are playing into this corrupt government's hands. Claim your dependents even if you do not have them and reduce your taxation per paycheck. You WILL have to pay your taxes at the end of the year by April 15th - however, the government counts on you paying throughout the year and they make interest on your money during that time. Make your own interest and reduce their overall funding at the same time. If only 20 people do it it won't matter - if 20MM do it it will wake them up in DC

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I agree - no career politicos allowed unless they check their agenda at the door. All people should encouraged to be 9/12ers but they must leave their personal agendas when representing the 9/12. We need the numbers - what we do not need is the mixed message. Our message must be clear and oncise - we want our government to follow our Constitution and we intend to take back the power to make them do just that. The issues are secondary - this is a power struggle and they will NOT go quietly. Withuot the proper focus we will lose to them - so please focus on the principles and the single mission we all have. We cannot let issues divide us again

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Reluctantly I agree-America is not ready for more political parties-YET. It is however inevitable and neccesary for more than 2 bad choices to be made available to the people. In the meanwhile we must pressure the Repubs to be fiscal conservatives and abandon the moderate crap they think is good for them. The answer is to register as a Dem in your state's primaries, allowing you to help get rid of their career candidate. If they lose in the primary b4 they get their main money injections we have succeeded. Remember-anyone who has been there > 2 terms needs to go. We can enforce our own term limits if we want. Play the game until we can change the game

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Thanks for clarifying - too many acronyms out here these days. You are right - many groups will attempt to latch on to the publicity that this movement is getting and use it for their own agenda. That is why I am always saying to reduce the focus on specific issues and increase the docus on principles and our Constitution. The tea parties should be about protesting and dismantling a Federal government that has violated the Constitution and taken powers that do not belong to them. We must focus on that and not on issues like taxes and abortion. We cannot cure the problems until we cure the disease.

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The FF succeeded because they put aside all of their petty differences and focused on only what was important and fundamental. That focus became our Constitution. We need to do the same and focus on the principles and not on the issues that naturally divide us. The politicians KNOW THIS and they count on it to divide us. We cannot become like every other group and divide ourselves. Focus on the 9/12 and on the primary goal of this movement - returning the control of our country back to the People. It is a power struggle and we must take it back from them. The rest will fall into place once we have gone back to the Republic that made us great to begin with

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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Pelosi is lying - it is written on her face every time she opens her Botox deadened mouth. She was briefed by the CIA and she knew. She, being the third in line, should immediately be impeached for said lying and breach of the public faith but we know that will not happen. Those of you out there in 912 land who live in CA and are in her district - I urge you to get this excuse for a public servant out of Congress when next year's primaries take place. All non-Dems - register as Dems in the primaries and make sure whoever is running against her WINS. Get her out before the actual election - that is the way to eliminate her from the race

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I'm not military or ex but I'm with you Lt. Col. There are many of us out in this great country who feel the same so do not feel alone or isolated in your beliefs. When the time comes and the chips are down Americans will know who to stand with and who to stand against. Make your voice heard along with the rest of us and tell your government it is on notice - short notice