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Honestly, Dana, just because he's one of the few people who still have you on regularly is no reason to suck up to a guy who despised you as a teabagger six months ago. You really so into self glorification that you peddle yourself this way? That's not to mention the fact that his faux indignation is more than transparent. Plus, your writing on the matter was incoherent, as usual, so I still don't understand all that you are talking about except that you want Anderson to have you on his show again and you hate the fact that Fox has real pundits on instead of you.
Boo. You've jumped the shark.

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yeah the old "open thread" eh? Trying to figure out your position for your show tomorrow morning, Dana? or will you take a stand on your own intellectual merit? You're not a true conservative and you know it. So take a poll. Pathetic. You and your pimp Breitbart are not better than the just pick and choose who and what you defend and it has nothing to do with principle.

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Interesting and important theme but terrible and almost indecipherable writing...complete with typos.
SMALL Journalism! Get with it!