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How would you feel if he was stealing from you? Would it be something stupid? If he did it, he is a criminal. Police should be held to a higher standard than a normal factory worker. One strike their out. Period.

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This is nuts...I 'm going to put $5000.00 in a car I have sold for $2500.00 (or give away!!!)...This is an excellent deal...

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I have an idea. Let the politicians pay for the sewer lines. If you do away with local government that should save us in Granger quite a bit of money, then turn that savings into the new sewer line & have our taxes which we already pay make up the difference. Wow it is a win, win. Stop taxing us for every "Bright" idea you people have. Or, have the "stimulus" package pay for it. In this economy what ever happened to "tighting your boot straps", "buckling down", "waiting till we can afford it".

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Brandon: He who casts the last stone...Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Baker, Paul Lebrun,Daniel McCormack, James Blume...The last three are just from Indiana in the last 6 months...Have a nice day, and this is America. That is why I can speak my views.

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Again, what about the bonuses for these banking $@#&#^. The bonuses for tha Auto #^#* CEO's. AIG's bonuses. Add these all up & and give the same amount to the unemployment extensions. Those who are actively destroying the economic structure of this country and are doing a very good job of it, do not deserve anything. I just didn't see you comment on this, so I thought I would. How many cuts have taken place in the welfare package? I do not know of a golden parachute for the unemployed. But there is for the wealthy. I honestly see both sides, but come on. One side tips the scale to the max.

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You know what you people disgust me, where were you when thwe Government handed out trillions of dollars to the banks. Talk about something for nothing. These people were working, giving to the community. When was the last time your bank contributed to the community? Oh yeah, they are using OUR money the Government gave them to buy more banks. I have worked for 27 years, and thank god I still do…for right now…I do believe in bad karma and wish to all of you that would like to turn your back on your neighbors, everything you and like yours truly deserve. We need to continue to help the working man. Where were you people when our jobs were being sent everywhere but America. Search deep inside yourselves. Shame on you.