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The Cummings issue is yesterdays news, move on.

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Well said

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I spent quite a lot of time visiting and working in the desert south west of the USA and most people spent most of the time inside buildings with air conditioning so what temperature it was outside only mattered in as much as your car ws quite hot when you needed to drive it home. Home being air conditioned as well.

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The City of London is an entity that is self-governing and exists for the business community that it serves. That is why its a success.

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Cynicus, I think what you and the prolific new boy on CH choose to ignore is that Brexit isn’t and never has been an economic issue. Escaping from the clutches of the Brussels ‘Greater Germany’ project is the main issue.

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When you write “ ..not discharge the virus through care homes” you imply that the vast majority of deaths due to Covid-19 are in care homes. That is not true. Less than 20,000 deaths described as Covid-19 related are from care homes which is about 29% of deaths in care homes and less that half of the UK total deaths due to Covid. However, the deaths in care homes ascribed to Covid by the system does not discriminate between those that have died from other causes and not from Covid. These deaths just are coincidentally in someone who might have Covid that may have caused their death.

Covid-19 spreads rapidly in the wider community and kills those that are vulnerable not just in care homes. You are distorting the truth to get your narrative of anti-government propaganda across.

I do care about the schooling of children and they are going back to school now. I have grandchildren who have missed going to school. They quickly bounce back especially if they have had home support. Those that didn’t will get extra support if the governments plans are implemented by the schools and education authorities.

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So I take it from your response you don't care about the the consequences of an uncontrolled highly infectious virus that has exponential growth (that's like compound interest in financial speak that you may prefer).

Population density in Sweden is very much ;lower than in the UK and Japan has a very effective lockdown when it needed it.

Try caring about more than finance and yourself.

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The average British person cares about the elderly, especially those in their own family, friends and neighbours. They care about the sick and those misfortunate enough to have serious health issues that makes them especially vulnerable to this virus. They care about the health workers whose workloads would be impossible and have to face unbelievable stress from being unable to cope with overflowing wards and corridors full of the dead and dying if the government did nothing. They care about the Black, Asian and Middle eastern doctors and nurses in the NHS who are losing their lives to save their fellow British patients.

In short, those of us who are British and believe in the high standards of ethical behaviour that this country and the Conservative party have stood for support our Government and trust their scientists. It is a pity some people don’t have the education or moral standards to understand this.

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If what you have written above is what you genuinely believe then I think you greatly misunderstand the threat this virus posed and continues to pose to our health as individuals and financial security as a nation.

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For me it is being able to visit the National Archives at Kew. So much to discover in those old documents, I love it.

The staff are very nice and helpful also.