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True indeed.

But the new Conservative Government must interject in the process of choosing a new DG for BBC now!

If it doesn't then nothing will change at the BBC and they will remain as an enemy of the people, those outside their London based fraternity that is.

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If we put aside the ageist aspects of your suggestion then I think that ‘Having new blood and new ideas’ is a good idea, for a commercial enterprise.

Which raises a point that many people make about the BBC, it was and remains a public broadcasting service. The fact that the BBC has morphed into a monster commercial enterprise completely outside its original and true purpose is the problem that needs to be addressed.

The second issue is that its role as a public broadcasting service has been hijacked by the EU via the Neo-Liberal elite that have run the BBC for the last few decades. It is now the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

Above all the BBC as it currently operates is an existential threat to democracy in the UK.

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Why not move the CCHQ to Skype? or some other modern on-line conferencing platform.

We could also consider doing the same for the HoL and the HoCs.

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My choice for the new Director General of the BBC is………………..

John Humphrys

His recently published book shows that he is fully aware of the issues, including political bias, and would, if he is interested in the job, be ideal.

Now that thought would put a sense of panic and dread in the upper echelon of BBC Luvvies!

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No, I think the backstop prevented all of the UK from leaving the EU indefinitely until the Commission said we could or not as the case may be.

Now we leave the EU on the 31st of January 2020 and if the EU decides it doesn’t want to agree an FTA then we automatically leave the transition agreement as well on 31st of December 2020. Either way we are out and will thrive on our own.

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95% TM’s deal?, let’s not forget that the 5% included the ‘Backstop’ with its Hotel California effect.

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Is that not the whole point of the EU, it is to create a poor population so that it is easy to impose a socialist government on and make them grateful to the Technocrat Elite for handing down crumbs?

Keep in mind that would also have been our fate if the British people, including Labour supporters, had not seen through the scam that is the EU. Well done to us, especially the ERG, and let’s not forget Nigel.

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I know of two young people just finishing their Ph.D this year, one from my own extended family and one from an old friend’s daughter. They are going to jobs in Cambridge and their field of expertise is Pharmacogenetics.

Could it be that the science and technology has moved on in Big modern Pharma and jobs in the old specialisations are drying up or moving to other lower cost parts of the world?

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It does not seem to have affected some Big Pharma moving everything to Cambridge (the UK one).

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Agreed, a good idea.
I have been involved with DARPA and other US government funding agencies and observed their methods of working. These involve the following;

The DARPA program managers are there to judge the research ideas and administer the funding are themselves hired from outside the government on a temporary basis.

The DARPA office, at least whenever I visited it, was in an unassuming high rise building in Arlington. I think they even shared the building with other organisations.

The managers were judged a success by how many of the ideas they backed turned out to be worthy of funding to the next stage outside of DARPAs blue skies ideas.

The success rate was said to be about one in five ideas proved worthwhile.

The DARPA budget was quite large by UK standards, but then so too is the US national debt.

Is the concept of the UK government funding technology developments for advancing our national economy, yes it is because banks usually want to make a profit return in unrealistically short periods?

There are some investment funds that operate on a commercial basis but they too want payback in two years which for ideas that are at Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) as low as 2 or 3 to start with that is unrealistic.

For info on TRLs see,