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" Mrs Thatchar, leading spirit of the Single Market, was one of the most important contributors to the building of the EU"

Mrs. Thatcher supported free trade among the sovereign nations of the EEC. She was totally opposed to the transformation of it into the political monster that the EU has now become. As a result the Fifth Columnists in the party had her booted out of office and took over the government themselves and by connivance and secrecy signed away even more of the UK's sovereignty.

I cheered this morning when I heard that the UK has downgraded the EU's 'Embassy' in London. Let's hope more countries do the same.

As for Mrs. May, perhaps one of her remaining friends should point out that she is a Conservative MP and was elected on that basis. If she wants to start her own party then she should resign her seat and stand again on her own as an independent or the 'Sour grapes' party.

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I'm not sure that the BBC are fear free at the moment. This morning they sent me an e-mail to fill in a detailed questionnaire on how I rated them and their component parts.

At first I thought, no I can't be bothered, but then I reconsidered as the BBC have offended many reasonable people including myself on several occasions concerning Brexit and the EU.

I missed the interview in question as I had some consulting work to do this morning, pity it might have been worthwhile mentioning it in my reply.

Will it make any difference? possibly as the survey might well be an initiative of the new chairman Richard Sharp.

I live in hope that good standards of journalism might return to the BBC and honouring of their Royal Charter too.

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I think that probably limits Raab's choice to....................erm...............none of them really.

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I believe there are 'Worlds Richest' lists available if that is what you want to know.

I understand that Elon Musk is currently regarded as the worlds richest man based on the 'value' of his companies like Tesla. Of course the real value is something other than the Dow Jones valuation of its stocks since that is stuffed full of the Feds printed dollars for the billionaires.

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You ignore the facts, as in the links I provided and that is your right to do so.

A very common method for trying to silence the truth as it is raised by those alarmed by it is to say, 'Conspiracy Theory!!' as if wicked and manipulative people didn't ever do harm to others.

Did the Rockefellers help Hitler to power or was that a conspiracy theory?

Running away from the truth as you are doing is a very dangerous strategy, rather like Chamberlain and Halifax did in the 1930s.

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Don't forget that the Rockefeller's and Ford's funded Hitler and the Nazis and made a lot of money as a result.


Freedom in Hitler's Socialist German Workers Party controlled world wasn't socialism as you seem to interpret it. The objective is alive and well in the world today only you seem to be blind to it.

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You are still not understanding the objective of these people. It is to control the masses and get rid of democracy because they are the greatest threat to the super-rich. We ordinary citizens who like to vote and choose our governments that might tax them or even imprison them if we think fit. They want to hold to their power and riches at any cost.

Nice, normal Conservatives want freedom, democracy and a moderate free market economy where everyone who wants to work can get a job or start a business and earn enough to satisfy their ambitions, no matter how modest or not-so modest but all within the law.

That is not what the EU, Trilaterals are about at all and Starmer has thrown his lot in with them.

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Firstly, you make no response to Starmer being a member of the Trilaterals which is a globalists organisation that wishes to reduce the ordinary voters in the worlds democracy to being nothing more than compliant with less democracy bestowed upon them.

Secondly, you fail to identify the true purpose of global ‘free trade’ as advocated by the Trilaterals and their pet project the EU which is centralised control of the nation states and the industries that drive their economies. Followed by control of all aspects of life and law of the populations in these subjugated states.

If you don’t recognise these traits as ‘International Socialism’ as practiced by Marxists but controlled by the wealthiest elites for their own power and security then perhaps you should get out more and see the world as it is really developing. Then again, you might actually support these undemocratic Neo-socialists for whatever reason.