Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine


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+1000 for the name

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Funny, but I think he meant, "Charlie Bit My Finger".

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Including private farm ponds? There's "less" government for you!

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Jeff looks like he could use him another couple cans 'o that potted meat and some french fried potaters if ya got any extree. Mmmm.

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Rest in peace, Don.

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Kind of looks like the principal from Napoleon Dynamite. Thoughts and prayers to the family.

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I never said I wanted you dead, I just wanted to illustrate the absurdity of the notion that we should live in a society with little government, where corporations rule. I think we can agree that no one wants wasteful spending by the government, but I also don't mind my tax money, when used with discretion, going toward things like pre-school. I think pre-school (and any form of education for that matter) is very important. Pre-school is extremely important, however, as it fits in at a critical point in a child's development and has been proven to be beneficial to a child's ultimate success. I think we can both agree that we would like our fellow Americans to be as educated as possible, right? I guess it comes down to opinion, then, and we can just agree to disagree. Sorry for lashing out....I am Emperor Palpatine after all.

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Forced to buy your own OXYGEN, Jason. You know, I would like to "privatize it" for people like you so you would be using it on a pay-as-you-go basis. That's essentially what people like you believe--no government/small government, allow free-market rule on everything, etc.. It would be funny then, if for some reason you couldn't afford the oxygen and the "s oci ali st" government weren't there to provide it to you when you needed it, so you just expired.

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P.S. How about some of this money going to fix our roads? The roads here are terrible.