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Amazing that some people feel the need to bully Terri Horman.

FACT: NONE of you *know* that Terri Horman is responsible. Who do you people think you are?

Sick, sick, sick.

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I hope Terri Horman sues the crap out of Desiree Young and for that matter her estranged husband Kaine too. This is slander, that much is crystal clear. What the bio parents don't seem to realize is all the public focus they have put on Terri is likely helping to keep a predator under the radar. Stupid haters who can't think critically or for themselves jump on the band wagon with them, showing how ignorant they are. FACT is if there was any evidence Terri harmed Kyron she would be in custody. The "time-line" never fit, there was never any motive, and another FACT is Terri was the MAIN parental figure in Kyron's life. Has anybody ever heard a single account that Terri was anything but a loving mother? No. Face it Desiree, a predator took Kyron. If Kyron cried out to anybody that day it was Terri Horman, NOT you. The situation is indeed tragic, but step up to the plate. Instead of accusing Terri Horman of murder you should be thanking her for caring for your son full time for many YEARS. You can't change what the reality was, not now, not ever.