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I spoke to him once- he called me to remove his home address from the screen shot of a Friends of Beth Mason ELEC report. He started out in a normal voice, but quickly started yelling, threatened to write an "amicus brief" to the court, then hung up. I called him back, and the same thing happened- he started out normal, then escalated to yelling and hung up. I didn't raise my voice to him at all. It was weird.

Yes, I did oblige his request, though the ELEC is a public document.

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I'm starting a support group for Bajardi-Klaussen Epithet victims. We'll need a large auditorium to hold our meetings. Suggestions?

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Their lawsuit alleged that calling them "Mr. and Mrs. Melanoma" was inciting "violence" against them. Get the picture?

Somebody's elevator doesn't run to the penthouse floor.

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I found the Lepers to be quite well behaved this year- no yellow snow or vomit, so no complaints.

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Indeed. Related: they tried to go after my sources on GA. I filed a motion for Shield Law protection. There was a hearing last March. Let's say they didn't win.

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Thank you- and I want to give you props for your opinion that prosbus and CG were 'part of the plot' for the SLAPP. I firmly believe these names were dispatched to taunt and bait reform bloggers into making inflammatory comments they could use. I believe I was a primary target.

There is evidence to support the prosbus-CG theory. One of these days I'll probably write about it.

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Lawyer up, Joe! This statement should trigger buckets of diarrhea from your future-Plaintiff.

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What a coincidence. The same day this email was read aloud in Court, a young lady appeared in public section. During a recess, she asked, "Are you Kim Bajardi?" I said, "No. Who are you?" She answered, "The New York Post."

The NY Post reporter was lurking in the lobby after court and asked to take my picture. I said "No." She took it anyway, outside, and said her editor "told her to take it."

The next day, a hatchet job appeared on page 23. Kim Cardinal Bajardi called me (and others) "vicious." I am summarizing, it is actually worse.

I bring this up because of the irony of this particular email being produced and read in Court on the same day the NY Post was dispatched for their mission.

NY Post and Fox are owned by News Corp.

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Frivolous is an understatement.. I will publish Judge Arre's opinion when I get it.

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The context is the Hoboken411 screed "Zimmer Berates Priest: Stuns Witnesses!" posted on 09/13/2010 with updates on 9/20, 9/21 and 9/22/2010. That is the context. I won't post a link to Klaussen's $hithole. The original copy for "Zimmer Berates Priest..." was returned in Plaintiffs' discovery production.

Hence, the 'joke' is not really a joke, the priest ' is not 'any' priest, the mayor not 'any' mayor, nor is the diamond dealer 'any diamond dealer. You get it or you don't. It's not worth debating.