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"The shattering of any attempt at antiwar unity of purpose is due to the libertarians siding, every time, with the worst of the worst in DC, people who are working hand in glove with the richest lobbyists on earth who happen to also support many wars because they get richer this way. This contradictory behavior is what is so dysfunctional on the libertarian right."

That's a very succinct and articulate analysis of libertarians. I think Libertarianism is a fraud. They are right wing capitalist/imperialists pretending to be antiwar - pretending that one can be for "free market capitalism" while being anti-imperialist. That's like claiming to be a virgin who enjoys casual sex.

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Sorry about deleting my comment while you were responding to it. I thought that I'd give Justin a break from criticism since its during a funding drive but after clicking on his link of "democracy" which led to neo-fascist Hans-Hermann Hoppe I regret the delete. Raimondo is showing his true colors and its not pretty.
Hoppe: " In every society, a few individuals acquire the status of an elite through talent. Due to superior achievements of wealth, wisdom, and bravery, these individuals come to possess natural authority, and their opinions and judgments enjoy wide-spread respect. Moreover, because of selective mating, marriage, and the laws of civil and genetic inheritance, positions of natural authority are likely to be passed on within a few noble families. It is to the heads of these families with long-established records of superior achievement, farsightedness, and exemplary personal conduct that men turn to with their conflicts and complaints against each other. These leaders of the natural elite act as judges and peacemakers, often free of charge out of a sense of duty expected of a person of authority or out of concern for civil justice as a privately produced “public good."
This is what is about?

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"Hey, Obama-bots – how’s that hopey-changey thing going?" - Raimindo

Takes a lot of f'ing nerve to parrot the warmongering, neocon, fundamentalist christian, anti-gay gash Palin while claiming to be a non interventionist libertarian. Is there a bigger fraud than Justin Raimondo? No there is not.

YOU are the one who claimed that your Tea Party was going to take the power away from Kristol and his ilk weren't you?

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Ironically one of the biggest reasons I have concluded that the anti-war left and right can not unite is because of the health care issue. I, like Justin, am going through a medical situation which could be serious. I feel thankful and fortunate to have high quality insurance but also feel that every person in the wealthiest country in the world should also. Libertarians on the other hand are fine with millions of Americans having no health care. They think health care for all is evil and immoral while leftists like myself view the current situation of for profit health care which excludes millions of Americans and incentives dropping sick patients as evil and immoral.
How can people with such a different world view unite? The same goes for most every other topic (except war); taxation, regulation, pollution, global warming, abortion, corp funding of candidates, etc, etc.

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Progressives have not deserted the anti-war movement but many have abandoned probably because they are tired of Raimondo's abuse and deceit like pretending pro war Dems are "the Left" while he pimps the corporate backed Tea Party as a "grassroots" challenge to GOP imperialism.
Many progressives have realized that their trust in Obama (like Raimondo) was misplaced and are now some his fiercest critics. Pay attention - Cornel West just called O a black mascot of Wall Street and imperialsm for chrissake and there are plenty of other examples.
I wish Justin personally the best but this site seems to have run its course. There will be no unity of the anarcho-capitalist right and the anti-capitalist left even though they do both sincerely claim to be anti-war. I used to believe otherwise when I just read the front page but have came to a different conclusion after participating in this forum.

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Excellent insight and and analysis of China today and historically but you claim that "The doctrinaire Marxists tell us that once China accumulates sufficient capital, it will necessarily become an imperial power"
Who are these "doctrinaire Marxists" making this claim? They certainly hold no political power. Isn't it the capitalists who see China as an imperial adversary?

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"Ron Pau/Republicans = Dennis Kucinich/Democrats = Raimundo/Maddow "

no doubt -but why not bring this reality to light? Why not let the confederate fascist Ron Paul steer the US titanic to its unavoidable demise?

You think there is a real possibility of a proletariat revolution? These idiotic christian poor workers would rather be dead than red That's the sad truth.

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No doubt Paul is a white supremacist Confederate to the core - but wouldn't it be great if he were to secure the GOP nomination? Why not support him to create dissension within the warmongering fascist right since there is no mainstream opposition to war in the Dems? I heard the sinister Michael Medved on right wing hate radio go ballistic on RP yesterday. What's not to like about that?
I'll put a Ron Paul sign in my front lawn just to drive the fascist warmongering military loving christian Republican neighbors crazy.

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Quit talking and do something.

Otherwise you are a parasite, like Justin, surviving off war just like Lockheed Martin, Rathyeon, Northrop Grumman, DynCorp, Honeywell, GE, General Dymnatics, Boeing, etc, etc

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from todays 'spotlight' column:
"In pre-revolutionary France, the First and Second Estates (the clergy and the nobility) constituted less than 2 percent of the population but controlled nearly all of France’s wealth and power. Their unholy alliance kept the Third Estate (everyone who wasn’t a churchman or a noble) under their collective thumb.
Now, consider the United States today. Our equivalent to the First Estate would be the clergy of finance and banking (the religion of the almighty dollar). Look for them in their houses of worship on Wall Street. Our Second Estate equivalent would be the movers and shakers inside Washington’s Beltway. Look for them in the White House, the Pentagon, Congress, and on K Street where the lobbyists for the First Estate tend to congregate. The unholy alliance of these two estates leaves the American Third Estate—you and me—with the deck stacked against us."