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What is wrong with this people?They watched KL gangsta too much maybe.Thinking that they can just go around slapping people or better yet hitting people with some traffic cone.smh

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No shit

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And they say the economy is doing good if our currency does not reflect our economy then what does?"Don't worry this will not prolong "yeah right.

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Let's pray that Malaysian after everything that happen will finally use common sense and try using their long gifted brain to make a difference.I also pray that the politicians wouldn't use the race card as I feel that there is enough racial tension and stereotypes in our country.Not all Chinese are rude not all Malay are stupid not all Indian are aggressive the only things that matter is the person itself.There all both sides in everything so stop the negative vibe and treat each other the way we want to be treated.

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Exactly what I was thinking.Many of our 'dependable' younger generation are leaving the country as this country no longer offer them a prominent future as it is used to.Many of our scholarships recipient are leaving the country when their contract ended which is a sad occurrence when they were suppose to be the upcoming backbone for our country though we can't fully blame them

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^Lol this comment tho 😂

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Say what you want media,I'm still with Tun mahathir.Had you forgotten what he did for our country?Putrajaya,KLCC,Lebih raya utara selatan Just to name a few.Yeah he may had used some unfavourable method to stay in power BUT,look at the product of his time being the PM,our economy are stable even without gst,scholarships are abundant,no major racial tension.When he stepped down things just went downhill.True old he may be but I still believe in his idea and way of operating because it gets the job done and thats what matter

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Funniest thing I heard today

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They've been talking this kind of things since last year and sure things are going superbly.All this and some people are still afraid of changes.Just give the other party a chance and if they're worst then just choose the previous party back.Changing something is better than staying in this shithole