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Like how Blizzard is using Indian gods and their attire as "skins" for their gaming character without any sensitivity towards the Indian culture?

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So you're suggesting that one SHOULD try to jump off the roof to see if they can fly with a positive mind?

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This is what I was trying to say (my post should have been more detailed but I don't think I could have put it better than tMarty Farty). Also, I wonder why anything that's against the popular opinion gets downvoted here.

I'm not a negative person. I've faced some horrible things in my life and I still manage to live my life with a smile on my face - if that's not positive, I don't know what is. I just feel along the lines of what the above poster said: some people might never get those cues that someone is interested in them (I know that the Dr. has spoken about this before but I still don't believe it) and I believe that is reserved for a "certain kind" of people, not going to go into the details.

Some might tryhard and bug the guy/girl enough for them to give the person a chance, just for their perseverance (I just read a few posts on another dating column, not kidding). Others who are a tad more self-respecting just put their heads down and go on with their lives.

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What if you haven't come across, any of these, EVER? And don't think you ever will?

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This article is going to be super useful to me. As someone who has found himself in the shoes of the poster in the past (thankfully not the HR part, just the "avoiding women like the plague" one), I'm in the process of changing my outlook on women and social behavior in general.

To add an interesting anecdote here about how/why I avoided women, I guess it stemmed from being made fun of by girls in school. I mean seriously, I've been made fun of for everything from how I spoke to what/how I ate (finally putting to rest the 'Why do they decide to avoid half the population?' argument). So going into college, I had just decided that I would avoid getting hurt by trying to talk to girls at all and so, I avoided them at all costs, even if they tried to interact with me.

But here's the interesting part: some part of me really wanted to be "normal" and wanted to interact with girls normally (and girls to interact with me). My wish was granted in my final year when I shared a cab with a few girls. They were going to travel with me for the next year and so it probably made sense for them to get to know me. On the very first day, two of the girls decided to have their lunch in the cab and decided to offer it to me, out of courtesy. I, for having sworn never to speak with women or make eye contact, mumbled something along the lines of "No, thank you" and went ahead to stare out the window blankly as I had done for the last three years, sealing my fate as the creep/weird one. That one incident, among many others, sticks out to me for some reason.

I hope the OP finds comfort and doesn't get laid off.