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I am so very tired of half-wit teabagger congressthings. Is it just me? I loathe them with every molecule of my body. Why won't they just go away? Why?

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Mama always said "Fuckin' stupid is as fuckin' stupid does." These Nazi Redneck Assholes should all be rounded up and moved to Idaho where they can shoot each other all they want and eliminate themselves from the DNA pool.

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Perhaps he was recommending a tanning salon.

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"Well I declayuh! That is the most unheard of thing I ever heard of!"

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I am sooooo sick and tired of these Nazi Redneck Asshole maggots! Is there no way to make them go away? I mean, really, they are just vile sewer scum. They have no place among decent folks. Brain hurt...

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Who the hell is Pamela Geller? Does she do MILF porn?

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There have always been deranged psychos but now,thanks to the evil thugs at NRA, the country has been flooded with guns in the last few decades and the psychos can easily arm themselves to the teeth. It wasn't always this way.

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Track and his brothers Trudge and Turd are starting up a new meth lab in Wasilla and there ain't no gurls allowed!

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With all those teabaggers gathered in one place and shooting guns for freedumb they can thin their own herd themselves. Sounds like win-win to me.

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Bend over and spread 'em, CITIBank employees, here comes your Xmas bonus!