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Yep, he will attack the barber shop. 7 Century idiot!

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The corupted left shoved in our troats the creation and myth of muslim victims. They are not victims, they are been agresors for the last 1400 years. East Europians are the REAL VICTIMS. 500 years under horror muslim occupation and after that 50 years of Rusians. and when they move to the west, do they ask for special privilege like the muslims? No and No, but they integrated and try to maked for the best and love their addapted country. Do the muslims integrate? No and No, but they try to recriated their hell hole they come with the all the help from the left. The left deliberatly open the door to the muslims with the goal to attack the Western democracy, to low the standart of life, to low the weges, and to secured the votes of this Quran community. The left and the muslims are together in the same bed. Thank you for the video :):) and MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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BTW we love turkish cofee :):) Before 1986 in Bulgaria we didn't see and use coffe mashine(exept the ruling class- they have everythink from the West) and we been force to making a turkish coffe in a small pot.) And for the scin collor , we are like the Greek and Italian from white to dark scin. After the trouble makers been expeled from Bulgaria, only the secular muslims left and they are good people. Now is change again thanks to the corupted Western dhimmi left. If they doesn't change their attitude they will be first to fell from their islamic friends Then we the people will take over. It's simple like that..

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Flipihneck :):):) Exacly.... Even if the corupted Lefti in West Europe try to shoved their politicly corect dhimmi attitude on the Bulgarian Goverment (you know the "iconomical crisis-Bulgaria needed $$$) trust me, the Bulgarian people will not give up. BTW Bulgarian can go without so-much food(we steel remembered the worker socialist communist paradise) , so manifactured crisis like that doesn't scare us. The Left went in so much-trouble creating (I said "creating) this crisis with one think in their corupted mind------------- To reform the best country in the World AMERICA to socialist paradise. Why Americans doesn't ask us what that mean and they vote for this Mercedes-Marksist Obama. But i gues the lazy people outnumbered the producyive people. Now is not where to run. Europe is a Walfer state for the last 50 years. They are jelouse of America. But Eastern Europe loved and right now they doesn't trust Obama. It's hard to love USA and in the same time not to trust the president. God Bless America.!

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I can inshure you, that Bulgarian Goverment and specialy the Bulgarian people will be "NOT" politicly corect with them. In 1982-1983 they try to do the same and then Todor Gifkov ( president) give them 48 hrs to move out of the country, sending the army in their remote mount vilages. 100% problem solved. The same muslims expeled, after 2-3 months was pleading to Bulgarian Consulat in Istanbul to returned and pledge loyalty to Bulgaria.
Then was rumors in Bulgaria that the Turkey wasn't so nice to them and womans been raped.. Right now the problem there is the Saudi money comming. Bulgaria been 500 years under Muslims ocupation and 50 years under Rusian, so i don't think they will go back from where they come. I bet that in max to 10 years Europe will have civil war, specialy Western Europewhere they appeasing them and East Europe will get involved..... One think i know that Eastern Europians will not put up the the muslim fiasco again. How i know? I'm Bulgarian . Sorry , i don't have a good english, but i hope you undrstand me.

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The media will cover to be politicly corect and desregard the life and freedom of their sitizens..

I quote below what the late Chief Justice, Sir Harry Gibbs of Australia said in 2002 - Its a timely warning for all of us :
"A state is entitled to prevent the immigration of persons whose culture is such that they are unlikely readily to integrate into society, or at least to ensure that persons of that kind do not enter the country in such numbers that they will be likely to form a distinct and alien section of society, with the resulting problems that we have seen in the UK."

All Western Goverments are guilty of not stoping muslim immigration..........

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Police release photo of arson suspect.. February 13th/2009