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I looked up the Dunning-Kruger effect. Scientific proof that,"You're too stupid to understand you're stupid," is a real thing.

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During the constant airplane hijacks of the early seventies a comedian, (I wish I could remember who) said " We need to stop calling these guys terrorist." He said, "The headline should read: "Assholes hijack another plane" This is still true.

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I think Calista is the acceptable solution to his long held fetish for blowup dolls who give a blow job without changing the expression on their face.

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A standard amendment should be written, to be introduced every time one of these ridiculous bills are brought up, that says that any mother choosing not to abort her child due to this bill shall be awarded weekly child care until the child enters kindergarten, all school supplies until graduation from high school and the child shall be granted a full scholarship to any state university.

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Your either part of the 1% or not familiar with the cost of Victoria Secrets thongs.

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This bill is SOPA King stupid.

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If you compare a picture of this prick with the President, based on melanin level, this guy is the brown one, with crazy eyes.

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She looks like the last frame of a Robot Chicken bit.

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I'm so old that New Math was something New. I learned math with flash cards and multiplication tables and learned how to read by sounding out words using phonics, which was being phased out in favor of recognizing learned whole words. My mother, who taught kindergarten to Job Corp for 40 years, was always pissed when administrators, who had no teaching experience, were placed in her class to tell her she was not doing it right. I have a dream, of a day when teachers are paid high wages, like UPS employees, so that there is a long line behind every teacher of other teachers competing for their job. I day when teaching is a job that men and women will compete to score.

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That looks like some of that new math.