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I am a appreciate person and it' important to remember all our modern convienences that our grandparents didn't have available to them. My grandparents remembers riding in covered wagons. They are gone now but that made a distinct impression on me when my aunt talked about riding in covered wagons while the apollo launches were happening.

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Tiger is more beatable than ever!!! Guys know he is not Golf.

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It seems to me the golf course industry is greatly lacking in up to date computer mgmt technology and best practices. Very few courses have a e-mail list outreach. The Men's clubs have been completely non-served and under-appreciated. Investors are too greedy and CEO pay is off the charts. Those that generate the revenue do not proportionally get appreciated and paid-that I have seen. Exposing these flaws to the public is a great benefit of your article here. We at http://www.PlayOnGolf.comare deticated to helping golf courses develop a 5000 golfer e-mail campaign and exposing their course via our online video directory that is currently in beta form. I'd like to know anyone around the country who is really helping golf courses change at all. Just you and me? It seems their are few really good consultants on the case today.
Tim Flaherty