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Anyone who adds the conjunction "but" after beginning a sentence with the words "Yes, a bunch of kids were killed" is a horrible cunt who should lose a kid or two of their own to gun violence in order to see clearly why employing such conjunctivity makes people cunts.

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I know why he's pissed. Me and Thugz and our homes Intelligent-Wize were in his district, just cold votin' all over the place! We'd go in and out of the polling place, just votin' and votin', stall by stall, and terrorized all the dudes with the teabags hangin' off their AARP baseball caps, like, "Hey, y'all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here!"

We owned the joint.

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Woah-ho, yo! Me and my Black Panther homies have just been out cruisin' and just cold randomly votin' all over da muh-fuh! We ran into some old dudes, too, guys with teabags hangin' off dey AARP baseball caps, and I popped caps in their ass, one by one.
They all makin' me act the fool, up in here!
Boom! Gotcha!

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Numbers don't lie! Walker mozzarella give up!

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Ruth Buzzi Lookalike Contest winner!

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His beard is irate!

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Jerry probably banged Roy too, it's all a blur in Cali.

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Nice alt-text, there, new girl. "Bluuuue... byyyyy-yooooo..."

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The same thing everyone's really thinking.

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"Your credit card will be discreetly charged as 'Seminar: The Fruits of Bible Study!'"