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The moth's are made of Dark Matter.

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Just gonna put this out there for anyone that was willing to read the comments this far down.....
Anyone tried clicking Feedback/More Info and replying that the description for Applejack is wrong?

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I haven't brushed my teeth since I was 8

true story come at me colgate

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worth the weight

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mirror mirror on the wall,
who is levitating you with no magic at all?

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gonna make a fanfic called "a" brb

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you promised muffins. I checked after the break and there were none.

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My story starts with minecraft. During June of 2011, minecraft was really starting to pick up in popularity, even though I had been involved with it since the alpha. I had been driven by that game for awhile since it was so good, and was well known on many of the community minecraft servers.

One day, I was on the minecraft forums looking for some minecraft mods to see if any of the mods I currently have right now would need any updating. Turns out some of them did, so I made sure to go through each of the individual threads for each mod that I had just to make sure that there was nothing else that needed updating, since a new version of minecraft had came out and I wouldn't be able to connect to any of my servers if my mods have been recently updated.

I was checking the thread for INVedit to see if it needed any updating. It turns out it did, but that's not what caught my attention. It was an average joe, with an average comment, and an all but average signature sitting underneath his comment. In his signature, there was an animated pony gif of all the ponies grabbing each others manes by their mouths and then going down the very same hole where Rarity was kidnapped by the Diamond Dogs. The gif itself had the captions 'Everypony down the glory hole!'. I found it quite funny because it fused the words 'Everyone' and 'Pony' in a very clever manner and it looked from my perspective at the time as a bit of sexual innuendo. I laughed and spent a few seconds staring at it, and noticed that there was an embedded link in the gif image. I hmm'd at it for a bit, and I eventually clicked it, seeing to where it would take me.

It took me to the official My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic thread inside of the minecraft forums. I was shocked and appalled to see how many pages had been generated in this thread (it was nearly over 2000). The main post gave me a Q&A right off the start and it looked like it had been written by a 10 year old according to the colorful writing, and the retarded ass questions and answers thrown around. It wasn't even a Q&A. It was a freaking conversation with himself, and it looked stupid as hell. The Q&A with himself went on and eventually challenged whoever was reading to give the show a chance, and then gave out some youtube links claiming to be the first couple of episodes of the first season, since in June, season 2 hadn't come out yet.

Being the challenge whore I am, <Challenge Accepted.>

It claimed I only had to watch an episode or 2, so I stuck with that. I would watch the first episode, and after I finished, I would go into the forums and make fun of them for liking such a stupid cartoon, say that I did in-fact watch the entire first episode, and still say that it sucked. As soon as the first episode started, I had my palm to my face. It was so stupid to even watch, it was ridiculous. Thoughts rummaged through my head as to how these prepubescent teenagers even stand watching this show, and they seriously needed to hit puberty soon. I sat down and watched the entire first episode, and to be honest, I wasn't to impressed with it. However, the ending of the first episode compelled me to continue watching it since it cut off with a 'to be continued'. I wondered if it would turn into one of those continually long series that follows one after another, and was even more interested to how the second episode would play out in response to these accusations. The second episode was no different from the first, but I feel that the fight scene and the ending of that episode was really well done, and had some great character building (like Pinkie Pie.) Just like the ending for the previous episode, the ending for the second episode compelled me to continue watching onto the third episode.

From there on out, Friendship WAS Magic for me, and I watched all the way up to episode 18 (I believe?) that night, and then watched the rest of the series the following morning, and that's how I became a brony.

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biggest derp in my life

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