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Why is the entry site displaying the computer code " Data Parameters" ? Surely this is not for everyone to view ? It is tracking ethnicity, marital, servers, income level, etc... So, if the Parameter to win is not set at : " Caucasian, Born February, married, 7 children, income $$$, zip code 03833, etc., I have zero chance of being randomly selected, The Three Bears are sad. They have been entering to win since the very first Dream Home. They liked the Swedish Log Home. I hope the programmers fix this glitch. We don't want to see reality, we are enjoying the Dream. 😎

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This does not look like Linda Woodrum's interior design . Jack, what have you done with Linda ??

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Hi Everybloggie !

Here's a sweet blog, to make up for some of the bitter ones that have been careening around today ~ my daughter and I are trying something new this year ~ Maple syrup ! My kitchen smells soooooooo yummy right now, with five gallons of Sugar Maple sap boiling on the big stove :O)
We only tapped three trees and the sap is running fast. End of sugaring season is late March.
We have the Mason Jars ready for the Maple Syrup :O) Pewrhaps I'll try some in my porridge. Lol.
Bring on the pancakes and waffles DBCoop !
I may not have won the Dream Home, but I'm having fun with my family.

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Hi KayKayT !

Alas, I'm a mere mortal. Just a basic blogger with the rest of you fun bloggers:O)

... However, i can not vouch for dear DBCoop, he may well be a Secret Agent man :O) Lol.

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Bien sur !
Vous avez le raison !

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Hi everybloggie,

Congratulations to the lucky winner, wherever you are from !!!

The Dream Home is absolutely spectacular when you tour it. The photos are lovely but can't quite capture the essence of the home. It is so warm and welcoming and those delightful designer touches are amazing. ( Like the rug under the beautiful dining table,) the area rug is edged with a broad band of soft, black leather, which picks up the black leather in the dining chairs and the leather chairs around the kitchen breakfast bar .
The laundry room walls are a gorgeous color, and the guest bedroom is spectacularly sumptuous.

My husband's favorite room is the Master bedroom, our 11 yr old son loves the ski dorm bathroom and also the drum light shade in the entry foyer ceiling ! ( kids ! )
My favorite place was, of course, the kitchen ! And I loved walking in my socks across the sooo soft and squishy rug in the lower level living room, Aaahhh...
We had fun taking a Ben and Gerry's ice cream tour, and ate dinner in a very nice restaurant in Stowe.
The ski resort is beautiful, awesome amenities and friendly staff :O)
We are sad not to be the winner of this very special Dream Home, but sadness always melts away like butter on a waffle iron :O)
Looking forward to reading the Winner Announcement when it's revealed.
Congratulations !

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Hi DBCoop,

Enjoy the dinner party dahlink ! Unless, of course, you received a secret 'phone call last Thursday afternoon, followed by an overnight FedEx delivery of secret paperwork :O)
I'm heading to Anguilla on the 12th, swapping some snow for some sun for a couple of weeks :O)

Best of Bloggers' luck to you for next year's HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes !

And sincere heartfelt congratulations to the winner of the 2011 Dream Home in Stowe, have fun with Jack, hammering in the last nail ! And enjoy all those deluxe housewarming goodies ! Well done !

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Good morning Everybloggie !

I love reading your blog comments, some of them are hysterical ! A daily chuckle is very therapeutic, thank you all :O) This has been huge fun !

Okay, so DB Coop's offering exciting poolside beverages.YUM.
Now, what can I provide as a lure to the roving camera crew and the lovely Monica Pedersen?
Aha ! How about : FREE " Snowmen Kits " in my front yard ? ( assemble them yourselves ) Plenty for everyone ~ Everybloggie you are also invited to take as many as you can carry home with you :O)

Okay, back to my kitchen ...time to clean up the breakfast table...Hope I don't get a sudden chronic case of
" Dish washing-itis " ~ imagine opening the door to the surprise ambush while having an attack of
" Wrinkly Fingers Syndrome" ! lol.
I must say I wouldn't mind rinsing those superb Stowe coffee mugs that are on the tray in the Dream Home :O)

Best of Bloggers' Luck to all !

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Hi Lessie !

No problem whatsoever :O) I love the snow ! I'm not a Florida Gal, or a big city slicker ~ give me a ski lodge any day and I'm as happy as a snowman in a blizzard :O)
Good luck to you if you're dreaming too !

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Hi Everybloggie,
Just checking in to see how everyone's holding up with the all the pent up excitement ?
I reckon the Sweepstakes winner has been drawn by now, so it just a matter of waiting to find out who is the lucky person who has won the 15th Anniversary Dream Home !!! I wonder if it's a man or a woman ?

Well, here on the home front, time ticked by rather slowly but the sun peeked out and made a wonderful brief appearance today, giving us a tantalizing glimpse of the blacktop of our driveway :O)
Spring is on it's way, which will make a pleasant change from feeling like we're walking across the frozen deck of Ernest Shackleton's ship, " The Endurance" :O)

The front yard is still a frozen tundra, the top of the picket fence is just visible above the snowline, which gives the appearance of passersby looking like little elves, as they walk between the steep cliffs of the snowbanks.
How grateful I am for the mailman who delivers in all weathers, the garbage and recycling collectors and the town snow plow operators, keeping our streets safe during storms and blizzards.
Good luck to everybloggie !
Counting my blessings,