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It was suggested, and Mark said no, because he's already seen it. He did say that he loved it though.

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Word. I'm just glad it's highly unlikely the next president will be a Republican after this.

Not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but it's actually more likely that the next president will be Republican than Democrat.

For one thing, Republicans currently control the White House, the Senate, the House, and the Supreme Court. This is unlikely to change in 2018 because of Russian hackers that have already been proven to exist. Given that the Republicans control everything right now, that lets them engage in voter suppression in order to make it impossible for Democrat voters to vote. I personally find it to be unlikely that you'll ever get to vote against a Republican again.

Furthermore, I'm not certain that there will even BE a next president. Trump may very well be President of the United States indefinitely. Yes, there are term limits spelled out in the Constitution, but Trump and the Republican party have already proven that they do not care about the Constitution. And seeing as how Trump's base has elevated him to god-like levels, I don't see them trying to stop him.

Expect to see gay rights, abortions, and climate change progress all become rapidly undone in the near future. I don't really see any Democrat winning a major election ever again after this.

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So... this isn't in the Master Schedule. Does anyone know what Mark's schedule for posting these is going to be? Is it going to be one per day? Is it going to be just on weekends? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.

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Mark Watched Star Trek

June 20 2014 - November 7 2017

The journey 1,237 days in the making is now over. It has been one hell of a ride. See you all later for Discovery, whenever Mark gets to it. (Or possibly The Animated Series, if he wants to do that.)

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Ann Coulter ended up walking out of this film, and in an interview with Sean Hannity, explained that it was because of how this film represented minorities. An exact quote from her:

"Apparently in the future, the liberals have extinguished all the white people. I mean, they got a black girl running the communications, an Asian guy driving the ship, and a pointy-eared alien doing pretty much everything else. I guess we're supposed to just accept that minorities will be the new majority. This isn't an entertainment film. It's nothing but a pro-Obama, multicultural piece of propaganda. And of course it's not even realistic. Since when have black people been able to speak foreign languages? And shouldn't Sulu have crashed the ship into a quasar by now? The only other white people are foreigners. You got one communist from Moscow and a lazy, socialist engineer from Scotland. There's only one red-blooded American white person in the whole movie, and thank god he's the captain. The ship would fall apart in minutes without him. And Spock? The actor's gay, and the character is 'Vulcan', which is code for Jewish. But it's not just the characters. The whole Star Trek thing is a socialist plot to brainwash our children. I mean, no one actually owns the ship, no one gets paid any money, everybody's equal. And they've been flying up there for years and still haven't seen God yet. Karl Marx would have been proud."

I must say, if someone like her views the Star Trek franchise in this way, then this is reason enough for me to support the franchise. Nothing gives me more delight than to see racists become super uncomfortable.

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The Next Generation ended a long time ago, but the writers were REALLY into BDSM, necrophilia, and bestiality.

In other words, they were beating a dead horse.

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I so desperately wish more of season four – and all of Enterprise, for that matter – could have been like this.

There’s a hint of future stories here, which I imagine won’t get to be fulfilled in just one episode, but it’s like this was a seed planted to an eventual season five.

It truly is a tragedy that Enterprise was cancelled right when it was getting good. Unfortunately, one good streak of episodes does not make up for three whole seasons of garbage, as far as television executives are concerned.

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Star Trek is incredibly progressive when it comes to dealing with racism, sexism, and the like. Heck, Uhura was the first black woman ever on television that wasn't a maid. Most Star Trek casts are racially diverse, and the series depicts a very optimistic future for minorities.

With the exception, of course, of the LGBT community. Yeah.... not gonna sugar-coat this. They are really bad when it comes to their treatment of gay people. From what I hear, the writers WANTED to do more with gay/queer people, but the higher-up executives told them not to. But that doesn't excuse the fact that, yes, this is a terrible thing to do with your writing.

Though, to be fair, the Star Trek franchise does do a lot more with LGBT characters in the books that were written much later, after the LGBT community was starting to be more respected. And it appears that even the modern-day films/show are pushing more in the correct direction there too. But man, it was a rough road to get to that point.

Basically, with the sole exception of DS9's "Rejoined", you can basically just give up on any pre-2010 Star Trek thing treating non-straight people with even the slightest bit of respect.

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The video for “Home” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

Um... no it can't. You forgot to put the link there.