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How does anyone know how much money was brough in with the last fund raiser? And I find it odd that they're selling buttons & T-shirts to buy more buttons & T-shirts? Huh? Most missing children will have the billboards up for at least a year! The money that is set aside for searches is usually to bring in extra help not to pay LE! LE is already paid through the tax payers! I've been involved with missing people & I KNOW what the funds normally go for. Who have they brought in to help search that needed expenses paid? People outside of the parents did fundraisers to bring in Harry Oakes mean while these parents wouldn't give him a scent article (somethin no parent has EVER refused!) NOW Kaine won't even cooperate enough to let Harry check the Horman property even though his dogs have gotten a scent there!?! What is kaine hiding there? I don't think *anyone should donate anything* until these parents start to cooperate with people trying to help....

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The psychic that is mentioned just directed LE to a missing 16 yr. old..... At thispoint I think it's better than waiting around for "Terri to crack"??? Come on what's the problem. Waiting for ths psychic or following a lead by her is no more nerve wracking than waiting for LE to come up with an answer of any kind.... I mean LE can follow more than 1 lead at a time right???

& as far as Harry Oakes he found the girls at Ward Weavers house & has several times come in after other search groups have given an "all clear" to an area & found a body.... Of course LE dislikes him, but there aren't too many parents that tell him no to a scent article?! Harry searching doesn't disrupt what LE is doing he's searching areas they've already searched so again wht's the problem? Harry is already searching & a scent article just ups the chances of his dogs catching a sent trail & so Kaine won't give a scent article because why????

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yea umm how's that working for them so far? This would be the same LE that waited 2 months to speak to the *school grounds keeper* who was cutting the lawn outside the day the kid went missing? Great work there.

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Did Kaine Horman speak at this & if so has he said why they won't cooperate with those trying to help them find Kyron? Harry Oakes has been searching but can't even get them to give him a scent article?! Give the man a scent article so the chances of finding Kyron are increased! I have to wonder about parents that are unwilling to cooperate with anyone that wants to help find this kid. The psychic who *just directed police* to the missing 16 yr. old wants to help & so why have they not allowed her to come in & help? Are they trying to hide something???

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speaking of not doing anything to find their kid why doesn't kaine give a scent article to Harry Oakes? The police are clearly finished looking for the boy with dogs & such & so maybe they should give Harry a crack at it & it certainly wouldn't hurt. The man is like donating his time to search & it'll cost nothing, butmean while Kaine is more concerned with where Terri got money to pay a lawyer.....? How about he focus on finding Kyron for a bit? A psychic who just directed LE to the missing 16 yr. old has offered to help but they ignore her??? Do they really want this child back? I would use every means to find my child & mean while these people are more concerned with divorce hearings and money?

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Yes we know that TH sent her son off to live at his bio dad, the question is did she really send him off because he was having trouble in school or was he having trouble in school because he was having a sexual abuse problem living with Kaine?

Perhaps that's the reason he was such a good student & then his grades dropped off so low, only to rebound back up to A's once he was living with his bio dad.... Maybe Terri suspected the abuse & sent her son James to a safe place first & to leave Kaine & separate she wouldn't be able to take Kyron with her & the child she'd cared for since he was a baby she'd know she was leaving behind to a life of sexual abuse. THAT would make me send a kid into hiding. Sexual abuse in a family cycles down & that is a fact & the idea of behavior problems for James in school is classic of an abuse victim.

Oh & passing a poly is real easy for real criminals & that's the reason it's not admissable in court. There's instruction right online how to do it.

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cathdawg so you're hoping she's named as being responsible for Kyron's disappearance? So that means you're hoping that if he's been hurt or he's upset he's not at home or upset he's been passed off by her to strangers you're HOPING it's the person he'd thought of as a loving mother for all those years? I don't know she's done this or not but whomever has taken him I hope it's not the one he thought of as a mom!

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Barefoot_girl your mom is correct teen girls go missing every day & you really need to be aware of your surroundings just walking to a friends house or even to your car in a parking lot. Elizabeth Smart was snatched right from her bedroom sex trafficking is a huge business.