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Breitbart.com is accusing someone else of selectively editing a video? Seriously?

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If you were to put out a casting call for a generic-looking Senator, Mike Pence would be your archetype. White-haired white guy with no lips and a forgettable face that sort of screams "has gay secks at bus stops"

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She's never going to get John Boehner's endorsement handing out suntan lotion.

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The Herbert Hoover of the energy crisis? What, was Biden trying to increase energy output and lower usage during a brownout? Because that seems like the smart thing to do.

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There wouldn't be all these judicial vacancies if Obama would just start nominating more John Robertses and less Elena Liberalesbians. Why that man continues to insist on not kowtowing to the legislative minority is really quite beyond me.

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I like to think that all the money I sent Obama was to help him pay his mortgage on the White House.

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I would also hate to be a liberal with no nuts or job. Thankfully, I am a liberal with three of each.

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Look up Great American Challenge.

Er, so I've heard.

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Jeez, this is what, three whole books he's written, now? This is Amurrica, most of us will never read three books in our entire lives. What, does he think he's president of Ghey-Readingstan or something?