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The crappy part of all this is Corkin was NOT charged with a hate crime. Hate Crime's only work one way, remember that.

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Our founding forefathers learned after YEARS of abuse at the hands of their own government (the British Empire) that playing nice got them more abuse. And until the so-called conservatives wake up and realize this horrible truth than we are doomed to extinction and so goes the nation without a wimper. And think we are going without a whimper.

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No suprises here. Remember that tyrants never give up their power willingly either. The left plays for keeps and if all else fails they have NO PORBLEM using unleashing voilence against anyone who disagrees with them. In other words the left has never played fair and if anyone who isn't left doesn't understand that and wants to play "nice" will NEVER get anywhere but more of it.

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The 17th Amendment has a lot do with WHY we are stuck with a two party system and lifers in Congre like Ted Kennedy.

Prior to adoption of the seventeenth amendment, U.S. senators were elected by their state’s legislature. They were a direct representative of the state and indirectly represented ‘we the people.’ The primary reason for the two houses of Congress being elected in different ways was to insulate senators from public pressure. Adoption of the 17th Amendment subjected the Senate to lobbyists. To be elected to the U.S. Senate today one must have millions of dollars and be a darling of the major media outlets, all of which are controlled by the financial/industrial cartel promoting the New World Order. Today, Senate candidates must sell their soul and vote to the cartel to be elected.

Get of the 17th Amendment and we get rid of a whole lot of issues.

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That is the issue. America was built on a Republic, not a Democracy. Our founders detested a democracy. They referred to it as Mob-ocracy and rightfully so. "Democracy" is easy to control and our opponents can manipulate the vote with media.

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Yes I can imagine. This is really what they think of all of us. Pathetic. Mind you, our race is not perfect, however, European exploration and colonization has improved conditions for all of humanity. In the fields of medicine, transporation, argiculture, to just about every modern convenience, i.e., A/C, heat, stoves, electricity, computers, Internet, communications, etc...

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I think European-Americans need to contact this lobby and let them know their advertising is stereotypical and stigmatizes one group of people. And it is flat-out racist. They would never do this to any other ethnic group.

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Excellent article. Most are unaware of these issues. I find a lot of "tea party" members make a point of stating that they are all for legal immgration, however they are totally unaware of the amount this country takes in per year, not to mention all the Visa's per month that are let in. In the same breath they state they do want a stop to illegal immigration. I think it is so they won't be precieved as "racist" All of it needs to stop. America will not survive the onslaught of legal immgration let alone illegal immgration.

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These holiday’s mean nothing to anyone except White people for the most part. So Chris Rock was correct in his assessment. And people like him seek to destroy the foundation of this country and turn into to something that reflects their views. Face it this country was built by White people for White people and their children. The Declaration even states it. No amount of appeasement is going to work. They only grow more hateful and more violent. When White people get it through their heads that non-whites don’t give a rip than maybe a solution can happen. But until then we descend into further chaos.