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Professor Alice Roberts, the TV star and Humanist President, who made such a fuss about how she could not find places for her children in non-Church schools. She said ‘Seven out of the nearest nine Bristol schools to me were Church of England schools. I applied to the two which weren't and we did not get in there’.

Fair enough.

The accounts of this clearly stated that she lived in Bristol, yet Bristol council states that of the 108 state schools in the city that take primary pupils, just 26 schools have church affiliations. So there are 82 non-church schools, roughly two per square mile. This is probably fairly typical, as about 7,000 of 20,000 state schools in England are Church schools, but many of the Church schools are concentrated in rural areas.

I do not know where exactly Professor Roberts lives. But it seems to me that if it is so important to her to send her children to a non-church state primary school, she ought to have been able to find something to her liking among 82 possible schools in her home city.

"Seven out of the nearest nine Bristol schools to me were Church of England schools." Pull the other one.

More hypocrisy and double standards from the militant anti Christian lobby?

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Because parents of pupils at Church schools are tax payers, and the fact that these schools are oversubscribed, means that the taxpayers and parents probably want more of them, and fewer secular schools, on a supply and demand basis.

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And yet William Wilberforce, who abolished slavery was a devout Christian and guided by his deep Christian principles. Without these he may not have held his anti slavery convictions so strongly.

It must really irk you that Church schools are so popular with parents and oversubscribed in the 21st century.

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No doubt the usual suspects will be along to denounce church schools, often brexiters, though not exclusively, like arch bore Godfrey Jones regurgitating his "superstition" line or those private school fans saying religion should be left out of education, although Christianity usually impinges more in the independent sector with their purpose built chapels and daily acts of worship, than the state Church schools.

These schools survive for a simple reason, which it is hard to argue against. The Churches in England pioneered education for the children of the poor. They raised the money, trained the teachers, bought the land and paid for the buildings, decades before the Government ever got involved. Eventually, they handed over their schools to the State, in the 1940s, on condition that they kept their Christian nature.

Politicians like Harman and the phoney Christian Blairs sent their kids to Church schools, miles away from their catchment area, which tells you all you need to know about this issue and double standards.

However, I agree with Hinds for the reasons he states that the cap should stay.

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Bassetlaw - Currently held by shouty brexiter John Mann, which is enough to make him an honary Conservative so best just put up a paper candidate.

Bury South - If Ivan Lewis stands as an Independent against the official Labour candidate, it may let the Tory in, in this strong Jewish constituency.

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I don't think you can apply Thatcherite economics like monetarism, low taxation and supply side policies to school exclusion rates. It is quite possible to have a laissez-faire attitude to the economy and still be progressive about education.

My son has had tremendous behavioural problems with his 12 year old step daughter at her comprehensive school and she was referred to a remedial school, but that wasn't suited to her needs. The school she "attends" would like nothing more than to expel her, but their hands are tied so they and everyone else there is lumbered with her.

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But the tribalism in N Ireland isn't based on county distinction but religious conflict.

I guess because the Jocks are so U S at cricket wearing your county identity on your sleeve with pride has passed you by.

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You seem pretty ignorant on the county not even knowing there were 2 cathedrals.

You had to go a fair way north of London or west into Wales for the next nearest coal mines, unless you think coal mining isn't a sign of industry.