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"American generals know the truth of the matter in spite of what they say"
I also think so. Everyday in our media they beat the war drum loudly for their own survival. A military without wars is a waste of money, waste of defense budget. Only thinking Americans know it.

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Forget the nuclear missiles, or radar-blind supersonic fighter jets.
The country which can master the technology of Jamming the Radio (RF) signals, from earth or from satellites, will win the war with one nuclear missile.

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Can the rest of the world form a
(True ICC or Honest ICC)?

Which no war criminal can escape without a trial, those who start unnecessary wars , commit mass murders but hide behind "collateral damages" .

I understand we can't put the guilty in prison at this moment.

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Pankaj Mishra.
The name is enough to know about his opinion. No need to read or hear it.
Only thing correct in this article is resentment is taking many different forms around the world.

Jihadism didn't come from resentments, Barbaric attack on middle eastern people by US govt, and money from US puppet governments in middle east. Jihadism didn't exist before US govt. decided to drive Russia from Afghanistan.

Yes, Donald Trump is the result of True American's (not-brainwashed) resentment. We observed for decades from sideline how career politicians of our 2 party system manipulate minds of average Americans and offer nothing to them.

Finally sleeping Americans woke up and realized how establishment elites with their lapdogs media and career politicians are destroying the civilized USA.

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What else is new?
Now that Middle East wars are fading, people in USA and middle east are tired of the same old wine in old bottles, US military must find a new war front.

Hello Africa. But US government is taking a risk against Black Americans.

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It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out real truth can not be known if investigation of any crime is given to government officials or government agencies.

Do you think if CIA/FBI are behind any assassination, they will make their findings known to public?
Dream on...

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Mr. Cunningham, let me ask you a hypothetical question.
Suppose you are a multi-billionaire and have a very profitable company.
Would you employ people who criticize you and your company publicly?
Chances are you'd fire them immediately.

Then why do you think the people who own the Media (only 6 groups) would accept their employees (journalists, reporters) unbiased opinions? Wouldn't the employees create 'fake news' to match employers wishes to save their jobs?

That's exactly what is going on in Main Stream Media.

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Is Jared Kushner blackmailing Trump?
Do not forget, young Trump had a colorful personal life. Is Kushner using personal scandal of Trump to blackmail him? Trump's recent policies echo Israel's wishes.

Also, can anyone answer this question? Why so many influential US politician's daughters marry Jewish men? I'm not sure who chases who to marry. A few examples:

Carolyn Kennedy -
Chelsey Clinton -
Ivanka -

I'm sure there are more examples.

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Am I the only one who noticed this?
When NFL popularity took nose dive, when NFL was losing $Billions every week, we got this Las Vegas shootings. Now very few people are talking about taking the Knees during National Anthem. Is this a coincidence?

Do the Deep State now using the options of mass killing to keep their power intact? The Deep State has the full control over everything to make this happen without the slightest suspicion of the public.

This is not the first time the so called "coincidence" occurred. Another one I remember, when a British 'prince' was in trouble for having sex with an underage girl, something happened (sorry, I can't recall the exact incident) and we all forgot about the Royal Family's troubles.

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Britain? Of all places Britain comes up with this mind control idea?

We are heading for two parallel Internet, one controlled by the governments, and the other controlled by the public.