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The front page of today's Telegraph has a carefully staged picture of Hancock and team, supposedly looking action-ready, purposeful etc. The message it conveyed to me was one of a media obsessed echo chamber in which he and Bojo's team exist. Their policy making is driven by opinion polls and mainstream media op-eds.
The only, small, good news is the May local elections will enable the silent majority to offer their verdict on this shambles.

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Obesity is the elephant in the room (pardon the pun). It complicates the health crisis; COVID outcomes are less favourable for higher BMI values; social media norms endorse it. The media is awash with Bake Off and other cookery advice.
Friends from the Asia Pacific are aghast at the quantities of sugar, butter and fats that go into the average UK meal/cake cooking event. Go back 40+ years on line and marvel at how much slimmer everyone was.
The food industry and its packaging and advertising have much to answer for.

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Well from the comments so far it does seem that Mrs May is consigned to irrelevance.
For me the signature event that brought her "qualities" to the fore was the Chequers debacle; and the operation of a secret inner DEXU unit that worked against the appointed Minister David Davies. It has taken a lot of effort and blood to undo the damage that she caused.

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Not Oxford, surely. A minor college in Maidenhead would be more fitting.

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The only valid reasons I can think of for the additional requirement of pre-flight testing are:
a) restricting (but not eliminating) the source of new strains from overseas
b) reducing the chance of in-flight contamination
And now these measures are up and running, getting them rescinded by ministers will be harder than many may think.

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Clearly there are two parallel universes: those who can tolerate or even prosper under lock-down conditions; into this category fall the liberal elite opinion forming classes, MSM commentators and obviously the author of this article. Their every needs are catered for by the "others": super-market staff, delivery workers, postal, bin-men, utility engineers, the list goes on. I suspect a silent majority (myself included) feel that the lockdown consensus is fundamentally flawed as it merely delays the progression of the virus. And don't forget the whole shakey edifice relies on the economics of the mad house MMT (modern monetary theory): infinite amounts of govt debt can be issued and bought by the central bank.
Steve Baker is by no means perfect but I warrant that his voice resonates across the country (except of course in Hampstead).

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A splendid essay from an up and comming future SPAD.
Just some small details missing: how/what/why would UK get militarily involved in the Middle East (other than some token gestures); we have 1 and a half aircraft carriers and a tiny fleet to support them. All our spare cash is going to be spent on the sacred NHS; so wher's the budget for this wheeze?
Oh and I seem to recall that one William Hague executed a spiffo plan in Libya which went so well didn't it; and brought the UK so much influence ... such as opening up a channel for migrants from Africa to cross into the EU.

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Those of us who have lived overseas have experienced many different healthcare solutions.
I have lived in Hong Kong and can never recall having to wait more than an hour or so to see the equivalent of a GP.
Our top down, centrally controlled, free at the point of use system is somewhat rare and possibly no longer fit for purpose in an era of new technologies and medical advances.

Please discuss...

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I read earlier this month that the London Nightingale had everything stripped out; now no beds, equipment, nothing.