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If there is nothing too Lentz's ties to Bonusgate conspirators, he should quietly have issued a press release to that effect, and no one would have paid attention to Meehan's capitol press conference. Instead, by ripping the microphone out of Meehan's hand, his makes it a major story in the Inky.

Whether he's got an amateur campaign, or one taxpayers are paying for, it was an idiotic move.

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You can argue that the law is somewhat stupid and unnecessary - and I would argue it is, since it is regulating private money (campaign funds).

But it is also very explicit that campaign funds can only be used for campaigning - not for personal or business (or state) use. This would probably even include calling your wife to tell her you're going to be late and certainly would include buying Superbowl tickets like John Perzel did.

And I don't think Jim is "making an issue out of it", but simply reporting it, since he is a reporter. What do you suggest, he cover it up to protect Corbett from criticism?

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You must be thinking of a different Wilson Strategies.

This is the one that Scott Migli worked at before taking over as Gerlach's campaign manager.

It is also the one that predicted on Oct. 30, 2008 that McCain would win, and that Republicans would pick up Kanjorski and Altmire's seats.

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"Unnecessary and expensive" primaries really killed the Obama campaign. Not to mention how it demoralized Rendell in 2002.

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Eichelberger was the lesser of two evils in 2007, but he has a history of raising taxes and supporting corporate welfare. Frankly, I'd still prefer Bruce Barclay and his spy cam video collection.

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Opposing a tax hike is never a "cowardly flip-flop." Shame on Gary Eichelberger.

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"Platts, R-York County, recently said he applied to be U.S. comptroller general, the top job at the Government Accountability Office. But he still plans to run for re-election if he does not get the job."


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I have to agree with 'concerned voter' and the Gerlach camp.

Does Roddey really believe that only appointed prosecutors have conflicts of interest? Can he not see the potential conflict between Corbett seeking Republican endorsements and not indicting Republicans in his investigation?

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JimBob: Clearly a Senate Republican staffer spending time while working (on the taxpayer dime) to post comments to a blog that he thinks no one reads, telling those who read it that no one reads it.

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Why is that hard to imagine? Most of these guys voted for Rendell's 2003 PIT hike, cigarette tax hike, cell phone tax, etc.