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Watched Glenn Beck's show today, as he advised against any sort of violence, name-calling, etc. (I do a lot of name-calling myself, so guilty of that here!!)

I'm truly worried that "The Comrade" is setting up some kind of shadow government. Some violent incident may trip an emergency, and he'll declare martial law, with all his marxist crew in place to run things. Anyone familiar with the Reichstag Fire in Germany? The German Capitol set afire, Hitler blamed the communists, declared martial law, and the Third Reich was born. "Never let a crisis go to waste."

Another poster below said they doubt the US military would go along with this type of coup... That's my strongest hope!

But let's not let it get that far if we can do anything to stop it. We had one civil war in the US -- 620,000 dead, counting both sides. Heaven only knows how much destruction of property, etc. A whole generation wiped out. We don't want that to happen again.

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Some very good comments. But I'd just like to wake you up a little bit.

I was very active for many years in a third party -- one you mentioned. In Illinois, we had to collect 25,000 signatures in about 6 weeks on petitions to get a candidate on the ballot. Then the Democrats and/or Republicans would register a "challenge" to the signatures' validity. We'd have to go through each page of petitions -- of a stack about 3 feet high, with 20 signatures per page -- and compare the signatures against existing voter registrations. That was just ONE obstacle to getting on the ballot.

The number of signatures varied, depending upon if it was a statewide or local race, etc. If we got 5% of the vote in one jurisdiction, we were automatically on the ballot for the next election, otherwise, back to the drawing board next election year. This effort alone took a lot of money and a lot of volunteers. Ballot restriction laws are sometimes better, sometimes worse, in other states.

Easier and cheaper to infiltrate existing parties. It really is.

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My theory is that someone dumped a load of LSD into the water supply in Washington DC. Good as any.

Best solution -- write them letters, email and call them relentlessly; attend their public meetings; heckle them when they march in parades and attend other public events. You can even try to run against them.

I live in Illinois. First we had Obama in the US Senate, then Roland Burris, on a pay-off to our governor, who's under indictment; now the Republicans are running Mark Kirk for that Senate seat. Mark Kirk is a House Rep for a district that borders my own (60062, say you're from Northbrook.) And he was one of the eight Republicans who voted for crap-and-trade. He's going to be on a talk radio show here in just a few minutes. I'm going to call and give him hell. I've already written everyone in the state and national Republican organizations, telling them not to expect any donations or volunteer work if they run this bozo. And the only other options are more Chicago Democrats, ala Rambo Emanuel and Comrade Osama. No representation at all for conservatives in this state.

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Know what you mean. My dad's side of the family has been in the US since the 1840s, my mom's side since about 1906. So, I'm a Dutch-Scotch-Irish-Cherokee-Czech-Austrian-American... and those are only the ones we know about!

On surveys where they ask for your race -- mostly from the government -- I always write in: Human Race.

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I've been doing a lot of research on health care proposals in the US and elsewhere. Like, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Massachusetts have all tried different types of plans, and none of them have worked very well. All of them brought the states close to bankruptcy.

Lots of info. If you feel like doing a lot of reading, my blog:

I'm just trying to develop some ammunition to use against the socialists!

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At another event where Obama was selling socialized medicine, a woman noted that her 100-yr-old grandma had gotten a pacemaker and was still alive five years later. She asked if that would have happened under the president's plan. Obama told her that perhaps her grandma should have been given a pain-killer instead of a pacemaker.

The guy's all heart isn't he? He says he's so concerned about health care because his mother was denied insurance because she had a pre-existing condition. Obama's own mother probably couldn't insurance under a socialized medicine plan.

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For most of my life, this was the way it worked. You paid for doctor/dental exams before school, for example, but if you needed surgery or something, you went to your insurance.

Does anyone really want to do all that paperwork just to take your kid to the doctor for sniffles? Really silly. Maybe an indication of how spoiled we've all become... or how we've let the media terrorize us with thoughts that any little problem could possibly be life-threatening.

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Read this... it actually made my cry, having watched my mother go through many health problems before her death. She had something of a personal struggle against illness, and this type of counseling wouldn't have done much to keep her spirits up. She was pretty helpless toward the end, and having someone whispering in her ear, "Wouldn't it be better off for everyone if you were dead," would not have helped.

I honestly believe that HR 3200 plans to reduce health care costs by making access to care less available to seniors and to others (the chronically ill) who need it, while extending access to the young and healthy, many of whom don't have coverage now because they would rather spend their money somewhere else -- like in education for themselves or their young kids. We won't have those choices under Obamacare.

The whole thing is just sick.

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I read parts of the Health Care bill (HR 3200). You can read the whole thing at if you want to take a look at it. Also did a blog on it: "Health care going postal" if you're interested.

Have heard that under that bill $500 billion will be "redistributed" from Medicare to fund the new programs. Sounds like rationing is on its way, at least among seniors.

Want hypocrisy? The Comrade whines that he wants the public option because his mother or grandmother was denied care by a private insurance company. But under this Health Care bill, she'd probably ALSO be denied coverage, because if she was chronically ill or dying, the feds wouldn't "invest" any health care money in her.

I'm going to email the jerk to point that out.

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Never saw a photo of the Comrade smoking a cigarette, either, have you??