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This article is wrong. Miller did not launch or finance the legal campaign to give parliament a vote on article 50. She herself has said two other well-known individuals were approached to front the campaign but declined, so she felt she had no choice but to lead it herself. The identity of the other two individuals has never been revealed, but we can assume the main financer behind this is a George Soros, or Goldman Sachs stooge who holds democracy in utter contempt - Miller is a mere pawn in this shadowy characters mission.

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Can we please stop calling it a 'people's vote' and instead call it by its real name: the George Soros vote!

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Yet again, more proof that the Conservative-in-name-only party is really the highly authoritarian, statist party.

I actually have found something that I really do want to ban: politicians!

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I personally like the gossip, politics would be so more boring without it. And if you do want it to stop, then stop electing debauched, amoral sociopaths like Boris Johnson. For all their faults, no one has ever gossiped about the devoutly Christian, upright moral characters of May, Merkel and of course Mr Rees-Mogg. Coincidence? I think not......

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You've clearly never visited Boston have you?

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It was once said the C of E was the Tory party at prayer, I believe a more fitting phrase for modern times would be the green party at prayer.

I once met a young, trainee vicar a few years ago who told me that of his cohort that were in training, around 50% were gay. I almost couldn't hide my amusement, as I realised the C of E is now predominantly stuffed with the most barmy, social justice warriors usually associated with organisations like Antifa or radical leftist college campus groups.

Therefore, Welby's comments are no surprise. There are many plagues currently affecting Britain that he could cast his eye over: rampant crime, lawless gang culture, eradication of family life, declining social mores, erosion of respect of real beauty in art and music, loss of basic manners, undermining of the importance of education. He could and should address all of these moral disasters, instead he parrots modern leftist groupthink that's been plagerised from the pages of the guardian.

So sad to see another one of our countries ancient institutions brought to its knees by the left.

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Could you provide an example of a major politician who has blamed immigrants for the 2008 crash?

I must of missed it...

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Could someone please explain how not wanting an open border with Eritrea and South Sudan makes you 'far-right'?

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'A minority vote in one country of the EU does not equate to the EU "being part run by right wing Nazi's "'

Eh? Orban and the law & justice party have won whopping big majorities and Salveni will most likely win one too at the next Italian GE. Plus the Freedom party in Austria are junior partners in a ruling coalition.

It's not quite Munich 1938 but how far do we have to sink before you accept reality?

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We get the politicians we deserve. Until enough people wake from their slumbers, and start to vote differently from the idle, dogmatic tribalism they currently use, we will continue to have a parliament chock full of people like Morgan.