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No. This is the 'Conservative' party. Not the cultural marxist party.

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'Nowadays, I couldn't care less if Labour won since the cultural war has been lost.'

Not if JRM is elected leader, if not, then it has been lost along with this country.

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Merry Christmas to con home and all its weird and wonderful contributors on what is undoubtedly is the best blog on the internet. Personally, as we turn to 2018, I am filled with more optimism than any other time in my life as it becomes ever more evident that the world is turning a corner and slowly beginning to clear up the damage caused by 50 years of radical Fabian socialism - the globalist establishment are bricking themselves at this turning tide and are utterly powerless to do anything about it. Roll on 2018!!

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Conversely, I would like to know the thinking and models behind the (utterly wrong) predictions made by the remain camp: specifically, the loss of 3 million jobs, every household being worse off by £3400 a year, Osborne's 'austerity' budget, the catastrophic drop in house prices, depression, the onset of famine, genocide and WW3.

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I'm a 26 year old male and have never been more optimistic about the future of my country in my life time.

Moreover, it is a dangerous remoaner myth that we'll going running back into the EU in a few years; on the contrary, the support for reentry will dwindle significantly as our economy booms post-brexit whislt the rest of the continent continues to stagnate. Only a bunch of loony fanatics like you will support reentry

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'With righteous indignation, the Prime Minister pointed out that this made it sound as if 2,500 children would be sleeping in our streets, which is not the case.'

They may well not be sleeping rough on the streets, however they will still wake up on Christmas without a place to call home. If one takes a walk through any city centre, they can observe the enormous growth in rough sleepers, which is a nationwide scandal that is only going to get worse. Simply pretending this problem doesn't exist will not work for much longer.

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As a bit of Christmas fun, here's my suggestion of what a genuine, patriotic conservative cabinet could look like in an alternative universe:

PM: JRM. No ifs, no buts, the most intellectual, eloquent, original thinking conservative politician of the past 25 years must be leader of this country in such perilous times. Could quite possible be the new Churchill.
Chancellor: John Redwood. One last job for the old warhorse before retirement: get our stuttering economy finally back on track.
Foreign: Dan Hannan. With his spell in Brussels coming to an end in 2019, surely we can find him a safe seat to then launch his career in the commons, especially with all those wonderful FTAs to sign post-brexit.
Home: Priti Patel. Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime. Bonus for having a penchant for the death penalty, which should win over those tough-to-reach northern voters who aren't into all that wishy-washy liberalism.
Education: Michael Gove. Finish the revolution he started, particularly, no more floundering: re-introduce selection and O-levels, backed up by technical colleges - something as a nation we've sorely missed for the past 50 years.
Defense: Rory Stewart. Great launch pad for one of the most promising young MPs.
Justice: Dominic Raab. Get a lawyer back in that department.
Health: Ruth Davidson. Once found a safe seat; she's turned around our fortunes in Scotland where the Tory party is immensely toxic, then surely she could turn round the equally toxic NHS?
Chief whip: Steve Baker. Ex-armed forces personnel to whip those unruly remoaners into place.

Admittedly, that will have all the Tory remoaners choking on their cornflakes, but what about the actual conservatives, would you not love to see a cabinet like this going on the offensive against Labour, but more importantly the EU?

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'As long as the conservatives are the party of brexit and divergence from Europe, the under 50's won't listen to a word the conservatives say. '

Yet the under-50s voted in their droves for the lifelong eurosceptics Corbyn and McDonnell at the last election. As an under 50 myself, I've found most my contemporaries are fairly ambivalent about the EU; they're far more concerned about tuition fees, housing, taxation, cost of living etc.

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As we almost enter the second decade of the 21st century, the more astute political commentators are coming to realise that elections are fought and won on the internet, and more specifically: social media.

Donald Trump realises this.

Arron Banks and Dominic Cummings realise this.

Momentum realise this.

Perhaps, Vladimir Putin and his army of professional trolls and bots realise this.

Unfortunately, the Conservative Party being as it is; that is, being stuffed with old-aged Luddites, do not realise this. Consequently, it is highly likely, though not certain, that Corbyn may win the next election, when ever that may be, due in part to the Conservatives complacency as exemplified by this article, but also their inferior online foot war.

If I was in charge of the Conservative Party, I would be scrapping every last penny I could from those very wealthy donors and be directing it into developing the most polished social media and online campaign known to man. If not, the concept of a Corbyn/McDonnell Government could soon become a reality.

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Ah yes, the same Patrick Minford who was right about Thatcher's 1981 budget; right about the ERM; right about the euro; and in due course, right about Brexit.

'This self-styled model has no credibility with the vast majority of economists. '

As compared to the models offered by Osborne and the 'vast majority of economists' which predicted a leave vote would result in the loss of 3 million jobs, every family being out of pocket by £3500, a catastrophic fall in house prices, an emergency austerity budget, a depression, genocide and the onset of WW3!.