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And we all know that figure is only high as it is due to the thousands who renew their membership (along with the 6000 new members, wink wink Arron Banks new strategy) for the sole reason of being able to take the crucial decision to elect JRM as the next leader.

Beyond this, membership of the modern-day Conservative party is more pointless than non-alcoholic beer or England's participation in the forth coming World Cup.

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If there is a Brexit betrayal, does anyone believe Banks/Farage will follow through with their threats to form a British version of the five star movement? And more importantly, will it have any legs in this country?

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Seeing as the UK and Eire already have a common travel area for people, an agreement which significantly pre-dates the EU and FoM; surely it is also possible to thrash out a reciprocal agreement that covers a common travel area for goods as well? So rather than having custom checks at the Irish border they would instead be carried out at the ports in Dublin and Shannon, where the infrastructure for such tasks is already in place.

Could someone please explain how this couldn't be a very simple solution to this non-issue? If not, is the only reason blocking this from happening the EU's refusal to play game?

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JRM destroying the worst PM of all time Major:

'He whipped Maastricht through in the most aggressive whipping in modern history. For that PM to then say ‘oh it should be a free vote’, is either forgetting how he behaved himself...or just straight forward hypocrisy.'

Why is it that this party can provide us with such great men as JRM, whilst producing rancid ones like John Major?

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Speaking as a 'young person', there is one way the conservatives could win over millions of other young people: elect JRM as leader with immediate effect.

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'Peter Tatchell, from a bygone era, could have learnt the lessons of charm and deprecation when trying to promote his brand of politics to the unconverted, rather than militancy.'

Was it not Tatchell who converted Cameron, through councilltory means, to the alleged joys of homosexual marriage?

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I know consultant doctors, world-class engineers, and even a former CEO of a FTSE 250 company who voted for Brexit, None of them were driven by the ' skills gap, wage deflation and low quality jobs'.

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In 50 years' time, male heterosexuality will be virtually outlawed and ostracised to the very edges of society, similar to the way male homosexuality was in the 1950s - a disturbing, dystopian view of what this will be like is provided in one of the greatest sci-fi novels ever written, The Forever War, by Joe Haldeman.

At the very least, society will only tolerate men courting women within the confines of internet dating. This is already taking place in the many companies that now ban any type of romantic relationships between colleagues.

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Of course, the obvious way to remove the risk from entrepreneurism is UBI (or the actually affordable negative income tax) so that anyone with a weird or wacky idea can take the plunge in the knowledge that if their venture doesn't work out they're family won't starve nor their house be repossessed - this for me is the best argument in favour of UBI or negative income.

With regards to the outsourcing of facilities jobs these days rather than keeping it in-house, a major reason for this I believe will be our draconian modern-day health and safety laws. Certainly plumbing and electrical work is an absolute no-go unless you happen to have a qualified plumber or electrician in your office. Then services like cleaning, I imagine are a victim of the current trend of converting previous in-house jobs into outsourced zero-hours contract in order to minimise overhead costs of the company.

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indeed, we can put this one in the same basket as George Osborne's emergency austerity budget, the loss of £3500 to every household in the country, the loss of 3 million jobs that rely on the EU, a catastrophic drop in house prices, a catastrophic drop in the FTSE 100 and 250, an immediate recession, mass unemployment, a fall in manufacturing as companies flee the UK, the loss of Horizon 2020 funding, the onset of WW3 and finally, the end of western political civilisation.

Lies, lies and more lies from the vile and deceitful remain campaign. And yet, they have the cheek to cry foul and smear the leave campaign with lying. What a rancid lot they are!